Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Redistration Idea

So many people want to change the gun laws again after the Newtown Shooting. I see where people think this is a good idea and that it will solve violent gun related death but those people to me are forgetting one serious issue here. The last two shootings that happened were by seriously mentally ill people.
So instead of attacking gun owners and forcing them to change and go under new scrutiny why aren't we forcing people with mental disabilities to change?
Someone had a discussion with me and said all guns should have to be yearly registered and inspected like a car. To me that is stupid. There are way to many varibles and ways the states or country could turn that into a cash cow to financially rape you.
I have a better idea

We make mentally handicapped (crazy people not down syndrome) people have to be registered and inspected every year. If you are known to have some kind of mental disability which could "possibly" fall into the range of dangerous then you are monitored. Give them all ankle bracelets I don't care. To me if you're willing to start chastising gun owners and people who legally carry then go all the way and cover all dangers. Convicts and ex cons as well. I say we GPS chip them and keep them monitored.
Non American you say?
It's not the guns that are the issue it's the people and people need to be watched not the inanimate object that extends from them. Hell let's just ban all computers to stop child pornography then. K maybe that was a bad example but you get my point.
If you are a parent with a mentally disabled child. One with psychosis, schizophrenia, massive depression, violent tendencies, etc etc then you need to register that child and he needs to be monitored. If your an adult with the same issues then you need to register yourself and go in for regular checkups. Should you abandon those checks then you are put away. Time to go back to the 20's and 30's I guess.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Um It's not the NRA's fault people

I don't quite understand why people are so obsessed with the NRA?  Did the NRA go in the school and shoot the kids? Even if the mom was a member (I honestly don't know if she was or not) it doesn't mean the organization is bad. In fact the organization is anything but bad.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Pacific Rim Trailer

Let me say BOTH Hellboy's were quite the disappointment even though the effects we're great.
This looks pretty damn cool though so here's hoping!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Darksiders 2 - Review 360

Let me start by saying a bit about Darksiders 1. It took me a year to finish. Not because it was bad but because it just wasn’t what I wanted at the moment. I played to about the second boss and then said “fuck it”. I don’t prefer fetching, and I can’t stand walking 3 feet and having invisible walls come up until I beat the next onslaught of enemies. I like the option to piss myself, bitch out and run.
Well after a year I had nothing to play and put it back in. I forced myself to push on and was so happy I did. After the second boss the story started to truly pick up and let me say the mythology this game built was quite good. War as a character who just started out as your revenge driven Kratos rip actually turned into being something Noble and powerful. Willing to wheel and deal to get what he needed and deep down you can see there is a spark for something great to be brought out. People may say he is just a hulking armored hack and slash mass but in reality there is a lot there to work with and personality to still be revealed.  
People compared the gameplay to a Zelda clone but honestly I just didn’t feel that way. Just because a game has a form of a hook shot and dungeons doesn’t mean it’s copying Zelda.
I was super excited at the end of Darksiders when they showed the other horsemen spiraling to earth to help their brother and drooled for a sequel.
Now for part 2.  (May contain spoilers but I’ll try)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012



Men don't have to worry about being caught': Sex mobs target Egypt's women

This Paragraph alone in this entire story shows inklings of real change and civilization in a very torn up area of the world.

"During a recent holiday, citizen vigilante groups patrolled Cairo during the recent  Id al-Adha holiday, The New York Times reported.
At a recent march, men wearing fluorescent vests stood on rickety wooden towers and used binoculars to scan the crowd for signs of sexual mobbing.  Local group Fouada Watch has set up a hotline for women, anti-harassment patrols seek to protect women in hot spots and bring alleged offenders to the police, and online services like Harassmap pinpoint dangerous sites. "
The problem with many areas of the world where chaos and lawlessness are rampart such as Africa and parts of the Middle East is decent citizens don't know how to rally together to help civilize themselves. These groups don't seem to be waiting on their government to help, they are helping themselves. Good for them.

K cup Hack

We have a K cup machine at work which for the longest time I hated. I hated the idea of buying these expensive little cups that made horribly weak coffee. Then I saw you could get a refillable my K-cup but they run anywhere from 15-20$.
Well recently I found one on amazon for 4$ and picked it up. Let me tell you I was super excited to be able to use my own coffee (Bustello) in the K cup machine for pennies compared to buying their one timer cups. My excitement bubble was burst though on first sip when I realized it was even weaker. I was drinking hot pee water. Well with a little web search I found this indestructible (I LOVE instructibles) and it works and works great!

Monday, December 3, 2012


Ah the miracle of life? How one tiny sperm finds its way up an endless path to create something so sentient… (in most cases) Are we alone in the universe, or is there something bigger? What came first…… the chicken or the egg? All grandiose questions that we may never have true answers for, puzzles that have confused and tantalized man since the dawn of his awakening.
Yet one stands above all.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Just saw Dark Knight Rises

Have to say I was a bit disappointed. I LOVED the 2nd and to me it would have made a much better finale then this one. Bane had no real draw to him and honestly the entire movie was a bit predictable. I'm not saying it wasn't good but it wasn't sequel and then finale great. Also there was no need for Anne Hathaway at all. Not saying any Anne Hathaway is not good Hathaway (especially topless) but I just wasn't interested in cat-woman. AND WHY at the end when Cat-woman shot a small missile out of her bike it destroyed those batmobiles into a million non surviving pieces but when batman shoots them everyone gets to walk away like a GI Joe epp? Well I missed it it theaters and really don't feel bad about it now. I feel I should watch The Dark Knight just to feel I end on a better note. BUT will you nerd PLEASE stop dressing as Ledger Jokers? now here's a funny video

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To funny not to post somewhere else

I know this stuffs old but man people at work are looking at me funny while I laugh at these.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Kill - Video Game Idea

I would love to see an assassination game where like 30 people are lumped into a room under the guise of roles, like guards, targets and assassins.
You don't know whos AI or whos the real assassin and its everyone's job to figure it out and stop them before they kill their target, who could also be AI or human.
I think it could be fun questioning guests until you possibly find the real human target. 
The assassin could have special abilities like jumping and climbing where the guards have numbers.

There could be mysteries in the kill ass well like decoys, and protective measures. Each catagory could be privy to certain info given to them at the beginning of the game which could be used to help question, disqualify and help coordinate plans, given who you could trust.
Anyone have other ideas to add?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Evil Dead reboot trailer

This is a bootlegged trailer form the latest comic con for the new Evil Dead movie.
Catch it before its taken down!

As a massive fan all the way to Army of Darkness this really looks like an amazingly well done remake..... Fingers crossed.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Still stands

This still stands as one of the greatest and most prophetic lines of all time!

Someone tell me... (Poll at bottom) - Update, Poll crashed

Why is prostitution not legal? This country was founded and built on it and it is still everywhere like it or not, so why is it not legal?

1) It destroys homes and households/marriages!
1B) No it doesn't. If you're a wife and can't keep your guy stimulated and he ventures off then it's probably your own fault and not the hooker. It could be that your husband is sleezy as well but this again isn't the professions fault. This is your marriages fault and it would have been a miserable one regardless.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Trailer - The Lone Ranger

Well after hearing so much about this movie for so long there is finally a trailer. I'm actually a bit impressed but as we all know trailers are notorious fibbers.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Taxes to pay for kids

As an adult who never had kids and does not want any why am I forced to pay taxes for programs for kids?
I think it's a tad unfair that someone who was able to intelligently enough hide his sperm from nefarious uses has to pay the same as someone who decides, or accidentally has multiple kids. Why am I paying taxes on school, parks, adolescent programs, child welfare programs, taxes on lazy deadbeat parents who take far to much advantage of state and federal allowances, ETC ETC!
To me if I am not utilizing these services then I should not be paying for them.
I use roads, and civil services, I will pay for those..... FUCK WHY NOT just let companies start sending me bills for products I don't own.
Here's your cable bill even though you don't have service with us, this is a courtesy bill so some other assholes kid can enjoy Nickelodeon!
NOT TO MENTION these people get way to many write offs for pumping these gremlins out. Where are my write offs?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Bass Guitar

Hair Loss - updated

Well anyone who knows me personally knows I am a vain SOB. To me, and as my good friend Jamel agrees, there is nothing wrong with vanity. I personally see vanity like bigotry; we are all vain (like bigoted) to some degree. Pride is vanity so whether your concerned with your looks, knowledge, family or things you own you are vain. There is how ever a difference between being vain and being conceded.
Growing up I was always a pretty damn good looking guy and always worked hard at my physical appearance. I worked out, ate right and dressed well (on the cheap anyway).
Well in my mid twenties the worst thing started happening hard core. I started losing my hair. This was only made worse by the fact that both my younger brother and older sister have full thick heads of hair. I shaved my head for a while and was told it looked good but believe me shaving your head has a WHOLE NEW type of maintenance that can be even more exhausting than having hair. You have to make sure its trimmed at all times, you get nasty ingrowns on your head at times, you have to make sure you trim your bows (nothing worse than a clean head and push broom brows), and for me anyway make sure your face is clean because 5 o'clock shadow didnt look good with a shaved head.
When I had a nice thick head of hair I could get away with alot more around that because you had multiple ways of styling your hair for the occasion instead of one fixed way you HAD to look.

Anyway I tried propecia but it was expensive as all hell. I have used rogain with no noticeable results and recently switched to the generic equat brand because its 1/3rd the price and has the same ingredients. I still eat right, take vitamins and work out but now Im going to try a few new things.

Im adding  a new shampoo that I have been reading about, Alpecin
Im adding a strictly B-complez/Zinc vitamin to my daily mix along with the saw palmetto.
Lastly Im going to my docs and asking for a script to Proscar. Proscar is a prostate medication that has the same effects and ingredient finasteride that propecia has but at again 1/4 the price.

I will try to update this post as time goes and let people know my progress. The fact that my siblings have great hair leads me to believe I can too and that it is hidden in my genes somewhere. They both had shit teeth which look fine now due to braces later in life so there should be no reason I can make the change too.

wish me luck.

The Darkness - Bald

Interesting article on IO9 about baldness, nice timing. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wow.... just wow!

'Lawless': US seeks to end abuse of tribe's children

 Very rarely do these words escape my mouth but really, I'm a bit dumbfounded and appalled. 
I honestly have nothing humorous to say and no real advisory opinion. 

It really does go into as long as one degenerate gets put into a situation of authority he gets his degenerate cronies in there and then everyone's moral compass goes the shit.

Does it really show we as a species are inherently just immoral and evil?

Who will become the "Lord of the Flies"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Video Games are utter SHITE now

What happened to quality?
I remember back in the days of the super Nintendo all the way up to the PS2 we'd have some quality fucking games. Now I’m not talking about quality in the way of quality story and content but I mean “quality” as in they JUST FUCKING WORKED!
Two games I recently (within a year is recent for me) purchased to play online with a couple of buddies (I don’t buy a lot of games) and neither work.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Is a Nintendo Exclusive for the U.S. and Europe


Dear Capcom,
Best regards with your descision.
Once proud Sony Monster Hunter player

Monday, September 10, 2012

Viva Mexico!

"In an effort to keep the flights going, American authorities proposed mixing in Mexicans who commit crimes while living in the U.S. The Mexican government balked at seating hardened criminals next to families, elderly and the frail who recently crossed the border in search of work."

A day in Tiaquana  changed my entire outlook on immigration and crossing that border. I used to be hardened to the idea of people sneaking into this country illegally to find work (or commit crimes) but those few hours let me know if I was born into that chaos and rubble I to would also take every chance at getting here.

But we have to look at things logically and financially now

Tell me how my nuts taste! LOL classic

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Never buy GE

Spent 2 hours on the phone with GE yesterday over a fridge that just went out of warranty. We had tech out 3 times since purchasing this fridge and the issues was never fixed. NOT ONLY that but the tech eventually just decided to tell us this was normal operating procedure for the "newer style refridgerators".

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Leave my porn ALONE!

It's so funny that republicans call for a small less intrusive government but yet want to control some of the most private things in your lives. I would say whatever filth and debauchery you (and when I say "you" I really mean "me") want to partake in within the confines of your own home, motel room, car, dark alley, or single stall lockable restroom you should be able to without persecution from the government telling you it's wrong and should be destroyed.  

The widespread availability of Internet pornography has made it harder for a generation of young men to find intimacy with their wives, he said. 
 'It's a growing problem for men in their 20s,' Mr Trueman said. 'It's changed the way their brain maps have developed. This is the way they get sexually excited.'

It's funny because men in their twenties should not be married and those who are are either fucking stupid or religious and have sexual frustrations from other things. I would say most of my twenties were very sexual and I watched at least 26 hours of porn in a 24 hour day..... I'm counting fast forwarding to the good parts as straight time.

Men in their 20's should be out sowing their wild oats and trying to find sleazy trashy women doing the same, not worrying about settling down and starting families.So funny we complain about kids having kids but expect young people in their 20's to be married?

My friend who just got married is 33 and it's his first time and he did it smart. My sis was Like 30 something as well. If you want to get married young and think it's right for you hey don't let me stop you but THEN DON'T turn around and blame your "ED" on the fact that porn is making you less interested in your "wife". Your 20 and have the attention span of a fruit fly, did you think in 5 years you we're still going to want to fuck the same chick? Shit I'm not even married and find it tough to just bang my girlfriend and I'm 33! Well this goes to show republicans claim they want smaller less intrusive government until they need a scapegoat for limp dick then it's let's all attack TEvil's fun! Fuckers!

Here's another interesting article for thought

Friday, August 24, 2012

A vote For Barr is a vote for..... well not the other guys at least!

I have decided YES I am ACTUALLY voting for Rosanne at this point. I'm disgusted at Obama's ideology and priorities and find Romney one step below a publicly masturbating Satan!

I would beg you to do the same! Out of principal more than anything else! 

Die Angalina DIE!

I hate Angelina Joli she is a whiny fucking cunt who only made it because her dad eventually felt bad for her then bitched him out for not helping her sooner after she complained about her suicide attempts. now she is getting her kid in, no better than the fucking smith clan.
Nepotism is awesome isn't it?
I wish AJL would just die a horrible cunt fungus death and leave Brad Pitt ,who I actually find pretty decent, to go back to the great life of plowing random bar whores and semi curable STD's.... and please take me with you!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Dorkly Mortal Kombat

This is an old one but I've never seen it and pretty much shit my pants here at my work desk!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Illinois Governor Approves Strip Club 'Skin Tax' to Fund Rape Crisis Centers

Wow so out of 3 dollars maybe .50cents makes it to the crisis centers while the other 2.50 goes into the politicians pockets.
These inane attacks on strip clubs are getting out of control. Bridgeport, CT recently tried to pass a No Lap Dance bill. When are we as a people going to start standing up to these taxes pushed on us to repay the misuse of funds by politicians to help themselves and Wall Street friends?!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


You as a citizen have this choice and it matters (this is of course a fictitious world I'm thinking of..... za zing!)

After reading this article a comment thread was started about where you as an American would rather see our money and military efforts going.
We are/were half way across the world toppling middle east regimes and fighting an unwinable war so far away most of us have no real detailed information on what it even means any more.
Mean while across our own borders we have veritable armies of drug cartels destroying their own homeland in order to slither into our own and slowly corrupt this one.
You have a citizen right to vote and declare open full fledged war on drug cartels with a shoot to kill agenda. The same force as in the Middle East and use of drones are at the disposal and Mexico even though more than likely not in agreement has little to do against us or we completely close off all borders and dissalow any relations with them.

Send our army where?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Pie!

Well after only 2 week of waiting I got my Raspberry Pi and let me tell you it's pretty fucking cool!
I followed this guide and easily loaded it with RaspBMC ( a low profileXBMC for the Pi ) and created myself a pretty sweet micro set top box.

7 Psycopaths - Movie Trailer

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

let me ask a STUPID question..... If we ALLLLLLLL got together and say made a physical group and monthly decided what movie/album/book/ETC each of us would buy and then when finished did a revolving door with it until we got it back, but on a massive website honor system lending scale.... how long would it take for the MPAA or RIAA to get in and shit on it and try to sue the website? Seriously i want to make a massive database where local people (craigslist per say) can go on and create an account and actually physically lend things to each other just to see how long it is until they figure it is illegal and try to sue. I want to do this soley as an experiment, anyone down?

who has some decent database skills to help me out as I have no database skills what so ever.... I'm skill less in the art of database :(

DMC Reboot - Hangover Trailer

I am probably one of the FOUR people who are actually excited for this DMC Reboot. I was never actually a fan of the originals and found them cliche' and very repetitive. I mean mindless hack and slash is a good time but if there is no real filler story in between then it just gets boring. This is probably how God Of War survived so many games. You MASH "X" but then get treated to some very emotionally driven dialogue and story. This new game's plot seems like a mix of the old Roddy Piper movie "They Live" mixed with Silent Hill. Premise is a race of demons are subliminally controlling the human race through politics and advertising and only a few select people in a particular group, branded as terrorists can actually see their true face. Check out the trailer above and honestly tell me this Dante doesn't seem a bit more interesting.

Friday, August 3, 2012

New Releases at home?

I propose a question:

The movie industry says it’s plagued with piracy. 

I came up with a plan. People no longer want to go to the movies and would much rather stay home with the introduction of cheaper big screen televisions and projectors.

I'm a genius!

Vacant Detroit becomes dumping ground for the dead

 Just my suggestion but why not start turning abandoned Detroit areas into a Vegas like strip of Casinos and shows.
If I were the politicians there I would offer a year tax free to the first to develop on the land and create this industry. It would bring Jobs, tourism and clean it the hell up. Also add a red light district......

There are plenty of incentives to bring the possibilities there. Casinos would have their own surveillance and security which would help police and it could add the glitz and glamor to this shit hole.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Amazing. Why can we start implementing this kind of tech in our areas. I honestly would love solar panels on my home to steer myself a little further from the grid.
One day when I move into the woods I'll have this happen.

Anyone have any do it yourself plans for a back up solar system for a home?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aurora victims

I'm sorry but this is a time now where the victims, their families and all of the Colorado public need to march to the court house and demand the death penalty! Let him feel the attack and angst he placed on so many and fight to have his life ended instead of sitting through and expensive trial to find out if he's crazy and possibly just end up sitting in an institution forever on the nations dime!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Chicks AWESOME

And we can all be pleasantly enthralled knowing the two guys will probably be safer in jail than out now BUT at the same time you're a 17 year old girl and going to a drinking party with boys..... I'm not saying you deserved anything but there is a level of common sense young girls seem to be lacking at times. Sense that to me just seems like every day logic but when I explain to them the shoulds and should nots they look at me with the most perplexed eyes.

I had a conversation with an extended family member (we'll say) who was going out to a bar, under age (by about a year and half), with her friends, and all dressed like skanks. The parents knew and thought it was cute and safe because there were 4 of them to look out for each other.

When they told the story in front of the parents about the last time they were out and guys tried to give them drinks but they were so smart because they only accepted drinks the bar tender handed them I returned with "okay you fucking dumb ass what if the bar tender is the guys buddy and slips a roofie in the drink for him and gives it to you?" they looked at me like I had 3 heads....

Young girls have to get it out of their heads they are the equal of young boys and can do what boys do because they can't and it's a very dangerous to keep that over inflated ego/trust smoking over the reality of life.

Still good for her and maybe she will be an example to others, especially that poor girl like 2 years ago who passed out at a prom and was raped by like 10 guys.......

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Malloy spends $250,000 to boost mansion security

Does this shit stain think he's the president.....? If you wanted the security added you should have paid out of pocket. If you didn't want to then you should have left it to a public vote on whether "WEEEEEEEEE" thought you are important enough to garner that kind of cash for yourself.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This is where I found the info and story but this is where to donate

I know its not much but I donated 10$. Im not interested in being the first to have one but love kickstarter projects such as these and the fact that just "somebody" is doing it. I wish I could give more but anything and everything could help these people and I would LOVE to see non big investors hoping for massive returns gobbling this up since then we would just be reverting to their demands and wind up with a closed system and 60$ games!

Plus I love android.......

Good luck and god speed

hopefully it wont be banned here in the US after a week due to copyright suits by our new corporate leaders in this country 

Monday, July 9, 2012

DMAA BAN,3-dimethylamylamine

So the FDA Banned DMAA due to the death of two service men who were found to be using the suppliment and working out.

I use Oxy Elite Pro and let me tell you this shit is AMAZING! I have turned several people on to the fat burner and they love it as well. None of us have dropped dead yet! Let me also tell you I have a cousin who is a marine and met a dozen military personnel in Peurto Rico this year on vacation and ANY of them will tell you the vast amount of illegal muscle boosters they use. My cousin tells stories of storing steroids in the refrigerators next to food and "as long" as they hide the label with a taped pepsi cover no questions are asked. Maybe the military should look into this aspect of their troops and how easy it is to OD on roids to obtain a heart attack. But I doubt they will do that because they want their troops roidy and angry.

Leave my god DAMN Oxy Elite Pro alone. I work out 3 to 4 times a week, eat great and supplement a few pills a days to help burn off that extra welp that won't go away. I'm tired of this shit where the government wants to tell me what I can use or not, because some idiot who doesn't read instructions and mixes things that shouldn't be end up floating upside down, OR MAYBE those friggin 20 mile daily runs are just to much. I'll BET the two military guys probably weren't that fit to begin with or even had asthma and were overworked by the army and they are using the DMAA as an excuse to not get SUED!


Asshole FDA!

I'm also disgusted at these fucking jewy lawyers (I know they're not ALL JEWS before you all open your mouths!) trying to start inane class action suits under the guise of community help.

Maybe we should ban peanuts since so many people die every year due to nut allergies, OR FINALLY BAN Cigarettes because oft hat whole you know cancer thing.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Great read on how corrupt BOTH parties really are

Lawmakers got loan deals from Countrywide

How is it that even though Dems and Reps are on this list the mindless trilobites who "claim" they are for and actually accepted by a particular party will still blame the other.
Will our population ever realize party names are just a way to keep the voting public fighting each other over non sense and not looking at real issues?

here is the list of corrupt officials who took bribe loans in case you don't want to read through the article

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

City Bankrupt

"their city's finances are suffering the combined effects of fiscal mismanagement over two decades, too much debt taken on in good times and generous pay and unsustainable benefits for city employees and retirees"

When will city/state populations start voluntarily monitoring how their government is spending their money?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This review is for FPse for android a pretty nifty PSx emulator.

 So far I have only tested this with Diablo 1 and one of my personal all time favorite games, Soul Reaver Legacy of Kain. Aside some stuttering in Soul Reaver with the audio, which I'm sure could be trouble shot out, the games both functioned fantastically.
I will say I hate capacitive buttons for game playing and on my smaller nexus s it was a bit tough to use the R2/L2 buttons but was still loads of fun. Coupled with one of the blue tooth controller add on apps this could bring you endless fun in reminiscing with some old favorites.
There are of course some legalities as you "can only" use back ups of games you own and tha...... fuck that everyone knows you no longer own these games but for the few times you will pick them up and play does it really matter. I mean I did own soul reaver, fuck I completed it like 12 times so doesn't that count for something?

Anyway the app costs about 5$ but is very well done. I personally found a file shared APK to test it for a day or two then plopped the money down for the dev because let's be fucking serious the 15 minute return policy doesn't give you much time to figure the app out and decide if games work. There are certain apps that need to have a bit of a better return policy but again android APK's litter the internet so find one test it and if its good then do good by the dev.
I am now putting the app on my rooted Kindle Fire and going to use it with a 360 controller to play through some older favs of mine.

There are also Wikis and threads all over telling you the compatible games and settings that work best for them. You will also need to find the PS1 Bios file to run the games but that should take you all of 10 minute ago to get.

Monday, June 25, 2012


"An eye for an eye, that's not how you teach kids right from wrong."

No its a hard crack on the ass with a belt or wooden spoon. Both of which I am sure you as a disciplinary lack the skills to deliver so there fore cut your rodent child's hair off to prove a point. They want to be bad ass well now they are bald bad asses and to be honest they should have let the other mom cut your kids hair off until she felt the punishment was enough.

parents today are friggin retards and want WAY to desperately to be their kids "friends". This is one reason I choose not to have them, if I cant legally punish and beat the shit out of my own kids to discipline I do not see a desire to keep this waste of a species procreating. The end of us hopefully starts with me because if you let children run society the way they have been.... well read lord of the flies!

 Oh she just looks like a buffoon!

Does she remind you more of Fred Flinstone or Barney Rubble?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Prometheus Review/Speculation.

I'm going to start this with a simple review then link to the longer version which will contain spoilers for discussion.

Firstly I'm giving this movie a B-
Story wise it's an interesting concept where humans want to find God. Some geologist find corresponding murals throughout different parts of the world all pointing to the same galaxy and decide "hey this is where we came from, let's go there!"
How they actually came to this conclusion over "maybe it's a warning to NOT go there" is beyond me but the humans in this movie all appear to be suffering some mild case of child like state mass retardation and act on impulse rather than any kind of shear logic!
This IS wrapped into the Ridley Alien's universe  but how yet we don't know. I Will speculate this into the second half/spoilers.
Special effect wise the movie is great aside a few things.
The old man, or should I say young man in old costume, just irritated me. Why didn't you just get an old man? (Found the answer to this here but it's still stupid)
The C section looked a bit overly CG. They could have done a much better job with some non CG based special effects.
It's a bit of a tough movie to review without giving to much away but all in all it's not horrible. It moves at a decent pace to not get overly boring and has some interesting premises if you like to look into things. Don't expect to be spoon fed here as there is a lot of mystery left unanswered. Also the score left something to be desired. The commercials played a creepy industrial sound track that just let you KNOW shit was about to go DOWN! Yet the movie was filled with old Jurassic Park super hero music. It pulled you right out of the dread and into a WOW were going to see a T Rex.

On a side note as well Charleze's character is COMPLETELY irrelevant and honestly could have been left out or just shown through some ship to earth communications.


Friday, June 8, 2012

What happens now? So this poor guy sat in jail and rotted. Missed out on a possible pro football career and future and was still stuck on probation.

 This goes to show there are ALOT (not all but A LOT) of fasle rape accusations. It really goes that any scorned woman can just cry fowl and your in a cell.

How did he actually get convicted? What was the proof that sent him away? Anyone know?

Here is the bigger question. DOES SHE NOW GO TO JAIL! Honestly the entire family should pay that back with interest and court fees or face charges and she should be stuck in a cell for double. Damn she is fugly too!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wreck It Ralph - Movie Trailer

I love Disney and Pixar CG animated movies and being a video game fan I think this looks just awesome.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Is he just fucking retarded?

New York the first step into a communist country apparently?
This guy has got to go, is he way to much a megalomaniac in the eeriest sense.

"When I heard the news, I felt like Etta James – 'At Last,'" said Gay, 32. "People have long applauded the mayor's decision to ban smoking in public. And, as a former smoker, I kept thinking: Why is smoking the only costly, life-threatening behavior being punished when obesity represents a health epidemic in this country? It's crazy that parents can buy their kids these drinks with hundreds of calories with zero regard for the health implications and the potential impact that can have."

 I'll tell you why you fucking moron because smoking affects the people directly around you a soda won't, stop being a RE-TARD. How about we just penalize those who are obese by making their costs more and more directly related to them instead of the population. My best friend lost a ton of weight because his insurance was going to go up, if he can do it anyone can and if they can't well survival of the fittest. I don't even drink soda (only seltzer) and even I think this is overstepping.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


They constantly blame strip clubs for all of societies woes and honestly its crap. You get rid of the clubs then what? CT is still in the red and we have officials and state employees making 6 digits. We STILL have double dippers in office and criminals collecting pensions. Bridgeport will NEVER be a great bustling city again, EVER! Stop treating it like it could be. You will never attract businesses even with the absence of jiggly bars. We really need to go to scrupes and show some support for these clubs and that we can easily pull out Finch's crew from office if need be, worry about Bridgeport's shoddy schools, or cleaning up some parks, or the criminals walking the streets instead of these imaginary issues within hidden walls.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Take his pension

WE NEED to start sending message that if the peoples will is not met then the new ones in charge won't be for long!

I created this survey monkey petition to collect as many votes as possible and send it to our local government and news media outlets. PLEASE, even if you hate my personal guts take the time to do this so we can let our officials know we are tired that a state in the RED STILL gives away our money to criminals!

Should Rowlands pension be taken?

Then PLEASE leave some info so we can contact each other and send this to others you know

thank you

An article laying out other officials who collect pensions and their crimes

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

FCC = Fucking Criminal Cunts

Why does this to me just WREAK of a way for them to track and beat up file sharers? How would online gaming work?
Why do I get the feeling Julius Genachowski is in a few pockets?????? Get this shit stain out.

Punch this guy in the nuts if you see him out and about

Friday, May 18, 2012

It's just a reverse O.J.

Well it was fine when an all black jury acquitted O.J. of murder though right?


Man who fathered 30 kids says he needs a break—on child support
 Seriously I really don't know what to say on this one. How hard is pulling out? I have always worn rubbers and STILL pulled out, but I'm a paranoid shit. I would also masturbate furiously but it was JUST to weaken the seed of course... wink wink
 I'm not huge on rap but does he look like any famous rappers he could have been passing off as to these chicks? They are just as much of dumb asses as well... PRO CHOICE!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Germany's Pirate Party

Who wants to start it here?

I Hate Dimon

I had a Mortgage through Chase (not of my doing) and through a long bout with identity theft had my name on a car loan through Chase. Through these two engagements and research into the company I learned of Dimon and grew a big ol disdain for him and his smug shit eating grin (though I would PLOW his daughter!).

Anyway off to the topic at hand this post was simply a way for me to put up one of my favorite personally created photoshop images which was used on another site me and a buddy had for a while. It was meant to poke fun at the bailouts, YES I know supposedly Chase denied wanting the bailouts but the fucking pic is funny dammit!

“If Chase can afford to gamble with $2 billion without an impact on its bottom line, why can’t it reduce principal for borrowers. We’re talking about real people. They’re not just dollar signs,” Laura Johns, a former housing counselor, told Dimon at the annual meeting.

Better words never spoken!

Monday, May 14, 2012

My business model

So I want to create an online system that lets you store your digital media you own IE music, games, movies ETC ETC like dropbox.
The difference will be the ability to lend someone something for a determined time frame. When you lend someone this media it will be inaccessible to you the owner because you let someone physically barrow it. After a day or two you get it unlocked again and it is locked to them.
The service would not let you download barrowed material but simply stream it through the sites own browser software, apps (for mobile devices), ETC. this would get around the piracy model and let you lend anything to anyone to USE just as if you lent someone something in person.
I could do a search for "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and see anyone who has it available to lend out and ask them. IF it was on open 24 use or one time view I could simply do it automatically there.

Poor New Jersey

This isn't a problem just in NJ though as here as here in CT  Waterbury Mayor O'neal recently started collecting a pension after 1 day in office. Which oddly enough his running campaign was he wasnot going to collect his police pension while in office..... I'm perplexed at times. To me a campaign promise is a verbal contact and breaking that nullifies your status in office.
If your going to collect a pension then you should not be able to work, if you want to work then you cant collect pensions. I get killed in taxes if I want to pull from my 401K or retirement accounts so why do you get to collect double from the people your supposed to represent?

This is a rampart problem through the country and needs to be stopped dead.....
But again we a re a fat, lazy country who loves to be beaten like step children so oh well I guess.

Jersey might just be better off electing these guys!
 GOD DAMN J-Wow is smoking HOT!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Great video on politics and corporation's relationships and how no one is really there to protect us but us.

Neighborhood Watch Trailer

K I really tried to hold out watching a trailer for this POS as long as I could when I read the description on "" but once I saw it had a redband up I couldn't resist and it actually looks pretty fuckin funny!
Not funny enough to pay full price for but matinee/Bluray funny at least (that's redbox blue ray rental not purchase folks!)

Friday, May 4, 2012

A little travel advice

Since all the cheapskate airlines charge for checked bags now me and my girl resorted to carry on only. On AA (we hate AA) you get one carry on and one floor bag free of charge.
What we do is pack all our clothes into vacuum sealed space saver bags like these and then put shoes and accessories anywhere around them and the outer pouches of the carry on. We then also bring a slightly larger shoulder bag which is a decent size duffel and place any extra shoes and toys in those. Using the vacuum bags you cut your clothing down to half the space. One thing we were worried about was them starting to open the vacuum bags to check them but so far so good and Ill be damned if I don't put up a stink until someone gets a janitor with a vacuum over to help me.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

That's how Johnny C DO!

Just watch them! Then visit Dorkly for more

It's official.... Everyone else in the world IS retarted!

REALLY?!?!?!?! You want to raise revenue by fining people?
How fucking retarded has CT gotten (or Connecti-shit as I so fondly call my home state) that it's only source of future revenue is taxing and fining people?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Taxes on what?

Why am i paying taxes on cell service? does the government maintain the systems? what is it exactly the government does in most cases to justify collecting taxes on anything? Can ANYONE tell me with a "Serious" answer.

BY THE WAY... what ever happened tooooooooooooooooooo??????


Parents of bullies should be placed in jail since they say that's where is starts.
PLUS this country needs to drop it's "don't hit your kids mentality" and go back to the 50's where parents could literally beat their kids half to death for stealing a candy bar and not deal with DCF hassling them while some other guy they think is great is molesting their foster kids or setting them on fire.
This country could become great again if we would just beat our kids into it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Karzai wants 'at least $2 billion' a year from US

And we get what out of this?
At what point do the American people get to say "No" give them nothing. Why is it he gets to demand money? If that's the case then I am demanding the US government give me $200K a year for.... well I'll think of a reason.

Government Auditors

I want to start a volunteer organization that gathers to audit the local government. We have no political affiliation and will be completely unbiased.
Who thinks this could even be done?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Physical File Share! File Share Flea Market!

I want to organize the "Physical File Share" in the New haven, CT Green. I need sigs and people willing to join this concept.
Everyone pack up their laptops, their thumb drives, external HD's, and anything else you can physically carry with all the albums, movies, books, la-te-da, you can carry and meet.
We organize into groups of who has what and share away over a non ISP basis!!!!

This is soley to prove a point on the topic I have so hated and honestly fight against the constant attacks to freedom on the web...

PHYSICAL FILE SHARE!!!! Ge it out and please lets get it going. Sign here if your interested, post back links to other places you've shared the idea at and lets get organized.

My next big step would be to incorporate a non ISP network carrying a bit torrent feed locally to (or and ad hoc file share network) use ont he green so no contact would even need to be made with each other!!!!!

C'mon Bram Cohen, take your knowledge to the next step. Pretty soon we can create a complete off the grid non isp wifi blasting torrent sharing network!!! eventually our own ISPs (K now I'm dreaming but you get it)


let's agree on a date, and maybe we can even begin to figure a way to join these suckers up cross counties!

Ill set up some ground rules if this gets anywhere and possibly some suggestions for people security wise before bringing any electronics with personal info on them.

Fileshare Flea Market Google+ Page

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some software I like

Many may not know but I am actually a pretty upstanding successful citizen. I am a network tech for a "company", though I am usually smart enough to leave my internet charm on the web and use my busy boy face and charisma at work.

Anyway through some of my tech journeys I come across some interesting tasks and me being the cheap ass "I"talian that I am am always trying to find the most cost effective way I can do it and even carry the resolution over to my home life. Mind you some of my solutions are not going to actually be used at work (still home though) since I mostly grab freeware but there are some really good ones out there.

Here are a few......

Monday, March 26, 2012

Foxy Shazam

I am going to say this is one of my songs picks of the YEAR. I will be honest and tell you before this song on the "uh hum" radio (106.9 CT) I never even heard of this band but their flamboyant style rings out to me of 80 glam, and queen to even modern day groups such as The Darkness (WHO THANK GOD are getting back together) and even scissor sisters.
I love flamboyant rock and truly inside strive to be one myself, though I'm just a lowly Bass Player, but one day if I wish on a star hard enough or technology permits maybe I can become a Rock god Singer!
I will hand it to this band for their main radio song because not many today would throw together a grind house video to their song about luscious black ass (being a bit fond of the delicacy myself) and have some afro bound bitch jiggling her shitter to the camera. The one thing I will say about the video though is I wish they were shaking it a bit harder because their level of enthusiasm seems about as liquid as a dancing girl in a Robert Palmer video.

Check out the link on the image and tell me what you think!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pink Slime - YUM! - updated 3/27

You know to be honest we've been eating this stuff for how long? How long has our nation been shoving food items down our over weight gullets and NOT asking where it came from, what is the process of harvesting nor even WTF animal is THIS!?
To truthfully look at this whole scenario; in the beginning I was caught up in the media hype of "pink slime" the name that has been given to this product by the outlets to horrify people into an even more hyper-stupified mind set than they are already but after looking at it rationally I'm beginning to just say to everyone, SHUT IT!
The product is actually meat trimmings. It IS meat, I know the media has put out images of disgusting left over animal parts that wouldn't even make it into today's hot dogs but seriously DO ANY left over meat trimmings look attractive and savory?
The meat has been overly cooked (to loosen) and then disinfected before it is processed. Yes its ammonia but do you know how many other foods are treated with ammonia? Well I don't but I'll find some.
On a side note here is a great study done back in 1997 on ammonia treated food in sheep. It actually helped digestion!
Our food prices are sky rocketing and with the absence of this product you can be damn sure meat will become the food of the socially elite and they're personal taint ticklers, that is until soylent green hits the market..... YUM! Soylent Green... the TRUE "pink slime".
People need to stop going overboard on stupid shit and really start looking at things seriously. We have a broken government, a hidden corporate monarchy elite, and soon to be pseudo standard of communism breaking us slowly into submission but you think PINK SLIME is the biggest problem we face? UGH our population SUCKS!
Look at the better aspects of the products.
Reduced food costs
Utilization of every part of the animal (the Native Americans would be proud!)
Ammonia kills very harmful bacteria. Watch Food INC and see how gross our regular beef is before you trounce this you idiots! And those who say it only makes stronger bacteria.... I BET YOU GET THE FLU SHOT!
The Ammonia serves as a digestive assistant, which for red meat is a plus since our bodies do not digest red meat well.

What the meat companies need to do is just label treated and untreated meat packaging. Let people in the store decide and when they see the cost differential I am sure most of these idiots would start to change their tunes. That is as they're slowly dying off from un-ammoniated mad cow infested Angus while I loot their homes.

Closing Plants
I hope you fucking people are happy, this population makes me wants to shit diarrhea from my ears.
I will again proclaim when you have a choice between the lower cost treated, additive meat and full ground chuck most of you will start secretly buying this again. This will become the band everyone makes fun of and publicly hates whilst secretly buying all their albums.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Am I a horrible person?

So Im reading this story about third world people selling organs on the black market and dying and get about 1/3 through before my ADD kicks in and a little to the right and down I see another story.....

"Sleepy puppy cant stay awake"

OMFG!!!! What the FUCK am I waiting for I tell myself and go to click this and then "stop". I think for a half second "what am I doing? This is a story about poor and desolate humans being tricked out of their organs, their organs they need...... TO LIVE"

Dark Shadows - Film

Okay i was a big fan of the original Dark Shadows TV shows (the original and the remake) and though this is portrayed in the new Tim Burton comedy fashion with  "of course" Depp I'm going on a limb to say it looks very entertaining.

check out the trailer

Update: 10/8/13
Watched this on HBO GO.... It SUCKED!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Kindle Fire Review - Updated 5/3/12

 Specs and Info -

As of 5/3/12 I have thrown a damn fine ICS 4.0 rom
On my fire and it seems to be running not only great but better than the 3.0 ROMS I had.
This is a great tablet and yesterday Amazon was running a refurb deal on them for $139.

Original beyond this:

So here I go. For valentines my girl gave me a Kindle Fire. At first I looked at her cross eyed because I bought her an Ipad 2 for her birthday prior to that and was personally never impressed nor interested in a tablet. I found her Ipad too big to be effective and not generally useful enough for me to show any kind of desire towards. I will say I am not an apple person to begin with but as far as gadgets go the Ipad "is" an amazing device for what it is but just not for me.
Anyway, I told her to bring it back and that the money could be useful elsewhere but she insisted I keep it. I opened it and played, and learned its function and honestly became fairly inspired with how it handled out of the box and its convenient size. Its reaction time is very quick and for what it is for its cost it pulls off being a great piece of hardware for its money at 200$. Now she actually paid 150$ because at the time Walmart was offering a 50$ gift card in return but none the less still worth that extra 50$ either way.
It comes equipped out of the box with the App Store for Amazon (of course) and that in itself only has about 1/3 the apps the Google (play) market has. So I decided to install the Google Market (still market at the time) and was horridly surprised to see I couldn't! I mean it makes sense that amazon wants you to buy apps from their market of course, but 3/4 of my apps I use on my nexus either weren't on there are were not compatible. This took me about an hour to realize and I was surely disgusted.
If you read my prior setup to this article you will read it spent 2 hours in stock form before being rooted and installed with full blown Android. I am running the old CM7 OS since there is no full blown ICS released that is full functioning but with the vast amount of AWESOME Android Devs it is only a matter of time.
All in all if your not a techy person and want a simple tablet that is very comfortable to hold, has AMAZING battery life, has a decent amount of apps, and is surprisingly sleek and fast this is a great tablet for the price, to me even more so then the Ipad. It does not have the perks of a camera (front or back) but seriously your phone has that so don't even try to whine about that it's just not necessary on 2 devices, no it's really NOT. If you MUST have the extra techy scenario like myself and crave full android and the full marketplace then by all means ROOT and install a custom ROM, it's super easy. I have been on 3 now just to try different flavors, the newest being Hellfire's CM7 and each one is great. You wont be sorry with this purchase.

If you happen to have a particular question feel free to comment and I'll answer the best I can.

Coming Soon
Already Have it and played with it now but just too lazy to write anything

Really want to get this done so I think this weekend Im just going to do a video review. As a short I will say it lasted 2 hours in its stock form before it was rooted and had full android but in both fashion its a very good piece of hardware for the money.
Will try to do one tonight, if not then tomorrow.... if to drunk then, then you'll get a hung over one Sunday.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My new obsession!

I have been hooked on this guys cynical game reviews for a week now and can't seem to get enough.
I will say we have a lot of the same humor styles and opinions  so maybe that's why or maybe it's just that he's fucking hysterical and his limey accent cracks me up. He's Australian actually I think but that's like saying you know the difference between a Chinese and a Japanese accent, considering Australia was Britain's prison/school for the downs.

check him out.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Price Shock: Watch Cost of Gas Jump 10 Cents During ABC’s ‘World News’ Broadcast

My only question...... so WHO are we blowing up next?
Politician 1: "We need a reason to blow up (insert random sandy dessert nation)!"
Politician 2: "Well let the price on oil be raised and blame it on (said random dessert nation)"
Both : "BRILLIANT!!!"

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blumenthal's canned letter and my canned response...... tell me what you think

Senator Richard Blumenthal to me

Dear Mr. Turel,

     Thank you for your thoughtful message regarding the Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act ("PROTECT IP"). I appreciate hearing from you.
     Over recent weeks, I have listened closely to the concerns you and others have voiced regarding the PROTECT IP Act, as well as the Stop Online Piracy Act, which was being considered in the House of Representatives. My views have evolved as I have come to understand and share such concerns. While I remain committed to stopping online piracy, I will not vote for any legislation that could hinder innovation, freedom of expression, the right to free speech, or the architecture of the internet.
     I am grateful to you and others who have reached out to share insights and perspectives, which have been immensely valuable, and which have helped inform my thinking on this profoundly important issue. Many have cogently pointed to flaws and overreaching in the PROTECT IP Act. As I have said, my best ideas come from listening to the people of Connecticut, and this matter is no exception.  
     The challenge for all of us — and I welcome your further views on this issue — is to protect American property and jobs, but also promote American creativity and innovation, safeguarding the rights of everyone who uses the internet in good faith, without intent to engage in illegal acts. If you think we can eliminate online piracy, what do you see as alternatives to the proposals in the PROTECT IP Act, and how can they best be implemented?
     I hope you will visit my website and share your thoughts and suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again for contacting me.


Richard Blumenthal
United States Senate

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The war on used game sales!

Game companies haven't found their spot to make money off used games like the car market huh?
Hey dufus I have been saying for years why don't companies offer their own used games trade/distribution sales then they have their  "in".

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Witches of OZ

I'm honestly going to say this looks slightly good. I have always been a fan of WOZ and even Return to OZ. We recently saw "Wicked" in NY which I know is non canonical but was still good.
One thing that has always bugged me was why no one has remade WOZ today with newer effects. Maybe a cooler PG13 version. But then again take into consideration Clash of the Titans. Masterful Original but AWFUL remake. All they had to do was take the script from the original and put it to better effects and they instead made a whole new horrible film. I take it WOZ would probably end up the same way but who knows.

Monday, February 6, 2012