Wednesday, June 27, 2012

City Bankrupt

"their city's finances are suffering the combined effects of fiscal mismanagement over two decades, too much debt taken on in good times and generous pay and unsustainable benefits for city employees and retirees"

When will city/state populations start voluntarily monitoring how their government is spending their money?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This review is for FPse for android a pretty nifty PSx emulator.

 So far I have only tested this with Diablo 1 and one of my personal all time favorite games, Soul Reaver Legacy of Kain. Aside some stuttering in Soul Reaver with the audio, which I'm sure could be trouble shot out, the games both functioned fantastically.
I will say I hate capacitive buttons for game playing and on my smaller nexus s it was a bit tough to use the R2/L2 buttons but was still loads of fun. Coupled with one of the blue tooth controller add on apps this could bring you endless fun in reminiscing with some old favorites.
There are of course some legalities as you "can only" use back ups of games you own and tha...... fuck that everyone knows you no longer own these games but for the few times you will pick them up and play does it really matter. I mean I did own soul reaver, fuck I completed it like 12 times so doesn't that count for something?

Anyway the app costs about 5$ but is very well done. I personally found a file shared APK to test it for a day or two then plopped the money down for the dev because let's be fucking serious the 15 minute return policy doesn't give you much time to figure the app out and decide if games work. There are certain apps that need to have a bit of a better return policy but again android APK's litter the internet so find one test it and if its good then do good by the dev.
I am now putting the app on my rooted Kindle Fire and going to use it with a 360 controller to play through some older favs of mine.

There are also Wikis and threads all over telling you the compatible games and settings that work best for them. You will also need to find the PS1 Bios file to run the games but that should take you all of 10 minute ago to get.

Monday, June 25, 2012


"An eye for an eye, that's not how you teach kids right from wrong."

No its a hard crack on the ass with a belt or wooden spoon. Both of which I am sure you as a disciplinary lack the skills to deliver so there fore cut your rodent child's hair off to prove a point. They want to be bad ass well now they are bald bad asses and to be honest they should have let the other mom cut your kids hair off until she felt the punishment was enough.

parents today are friggin retards and want WAY to desperately to be their kids "friends". This is one reason I choose not to have them, if I cant legally punish and beat the shit out of my own kids to discipline I do not see a desire to keep this waste of a species procreating. The end of us hopefully starts with me because if you let children run society the way they have been.... well read lord of the flies!

 Oh she just looks like a buffoon!

Does she remind you more of Fred Flinstone or Barney Rubble?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Prometheus Review/Speculation.

I'm going to start this with a simple review then link to the longer version which will contain spoilers for discussion.

Firstly I'm giving this movie a B-
Story wise it's an interesting concept where humans want to find God. Some geologist find corresponding murals throughout different parts of the world all pointing to the same galaxy and decide "hey this is where we came from, let's go there!"
How they actually came to this conclusion over "maybe it's a warning to NOT go there" is beyond me but the humans in this movie all appear to be suffering some mild case of child like state mass retardation and act on impulse rather than any kind of shear logic!
This IS wrapped into the Ridley Alien's universe  but how yet we don't know. I Will speculate this into the second half/spoilers.
Special effect wise the movie is great aside a few things.
The old man, or should I say young man in old costume, just irritated me. Why didn't you just get an old man? (Found the answer to this here but it's still stupid)
The C section looked a bit overly CG. They could have done a much better job with some non CG based special effects.
It's a bit of a tough movie to review without giving to much away but all in all it's not horrible. It moves at a decent pace to not get overly boring and has some interesting premises if you like to look into things. Don't expect to be spoon fed here as there is a lot of mystery left unanswered. Also the score left something to be desired. The commercials played a creepy industrial sound track that just let you KNOW shit was about to go DOWN! Yet the movie was filled with old Jurassic Park super hero music. It pulled you right out of the dread and into a WOW were going to see a T Rex.

On a side note as well Charleze's character is COMPLETELY irrelevant and honestly could have been left out or just shown through some ship to earth communications.


Friday, June 8, 2012

What happens now? So this poor guy sat in jail and rotted. Missed out on a possible pro football career and future and was still stuck on probation.

 This goes to show there are ALOT (not all but A LOT) of fasle rape accusations. It really goes that any scorned woman can just cry fowl and your in a cell.

How did he actually get convicted? What was the proof that sent him away? Anyone know?

Here is the bigger question. DOES SHE NOW GO TO JAIL! Honestly the entire family should pay that back with interest and court fees or face charges and she should be stuck in a cell for double. Damn she is fugly too!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wreck It Ralph - Movie Trailer

I love Disney and Pixar CG animated movies and being a video game fan I think this looks just awesome.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Is he just fucking retarded?

New York the first step into a communist country apparently?
This guy has got to go, is he way to much a megalomaniac in the eeriest sense.

"When I heard the news, I felt like Etta James – 'At Last,'" said Gay, 32. "People have long applauded the mayor's decision to ban smoking in public. And, as a former smoker, I kept thinking: Why is smoking the only costly, life-threatening behavior being punished when obesity represents a health epidemic in this country? It's crazy that parents can buy their kids these drinks with hundreds of calories with zero regard for the health implications and the potential impact that can have."

 I'll tell you why you fucking moron because smoking affects the people directly around you a soda won't, stop being a RE-TARD. How about we just penalize those who are obese by making their costs more and more directly related to them instead of the population. My best friend lost a ton of weight because his insurance was going to go up, if he can do it anyone can and if they can't well survival of the fittest. I don't even drink soda (only seltzer) and even I think this is overstepping.