Thursday, August 30, 2012

Leave my porn ALONE!

It's so funny that republicans call for a small less intrusive government but yet want to control some of the most private things in your lives. I would say whatever filth and debauchery you (and when I say "you" I really mean "me") want to partake in within the confines of your own home, motel room, car, dark alley, or single stall lockable restroom you should be able to without persecution from the government telling you it's wrong and should be destroyed.  

The widespread availability of Internet pornography has made it harder for a generation of young men to find intimacy with their wives, he said. 
 'It's a growing problem for men in their 20s,' Mr Trueman said. 'It's changed the way their brain maps have developed. This is the way they get sexually excited.'

It's funny because men in their twenties should not be married and those who are are either fucking stupid or religious and have sexual frustrations from other things. I would say most of my twenties were very sexual and I watched at least 26 hours of porn in a 24 hour day..... I'm counting fast forwarding to the good parts as straight time.

Men in their 20's should be out sowing their wild oats and trying to find sleazy trashy women doing the same, not worrying about settling down and starting families.So funny we complain about kids having kids but expect young people in their 20's to be married?

My friend who just got married is 33 and it's his first time and he did it smart. My sis was Like 30 something as well. If you want to get married young and think it's right for you hey don't let me stop you but THEN DON'T turn around and blame your "ED" on the fact that porn is making you less interested in your "wife". Your 20 and have the attention span of a fruit fly, did you think in 5 years you we're still going to want to fuck the same chick? Shit I'm not even married and find it tough to just bang my girlfriend and I'm 33! Well this goes to show republicans claim they want smaller less intrusive government until they need a scapegoat for limp dick then it's let's all attack TEvil's fun! Fuckers!

Here's another interesting article for thought

Friday, August 24, 2012

A vote For Barr is a vote for..... well not the other guys at least!

I have decided YES I am ACTUALLY voting for Rosanne at this point. I'm disgusted at Obama's ideology and priorities and find Romney one step below a publicly masturbating Satan!

I would beg you to do the same! Out of principal more than anything else! 

Die Angalina DIE!

I hate Angelina Joli she is a whiny fucking cunt who only made it because her dad eventually felt bad for her then bitched him out for not helping her sooner after she complained about her suicide attempts. now she is getting her kid in, no better than the fucking smith clan.
Nepotism is awesome isn't it?
I wish AJL would just die a horrible cunt fungus death and leave Brad Pitt ,who I actually find pretty decent, to go back to the great life of plowing random bar whores and semi curable STD's.... and please take me with you!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Dorkly Mortal Kombat

This is an old one but I've never seen it and pretty much shit my pants here at my work desk!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Illinois Governor Approves Strip Club 'Skin Tax' to Fund Rape Crisis Centers

Wow so out of 3 dollars maybe .50cents makes it to the crisis centers while the other 2.50 goes into the politicians pockets.
These inane attacks on strip clubs are getting out of control. Bridgeport, CT recently tried to pass a No Lap Dance bill. When are we as a people going to start standing up to these taxes pushed on us to repay the misuse of funds by politicians to help themselves and Wall Street friends?!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


You as a citizen have this choice and it matters (this is of course a fictitious world I'm thinking of..... za zing!)

After reading this article a comment thread was started about where you as an American would rather see our money and military efforts going.
We are/were half way across the world toppling middle east regimes and fighting an unwinable war so far away most of us have no real detailed information on what it even means any more.
Mean while across our own borders we have veritable armies of drug cartels destroying their own homeland in order to slither into our own and slowly corrupt this one.
You have a citizen right to vote and declare open full fledged war on drug cartels with a shoot to kill agenda. The same force as in the Middle East and use of drones are at the disposal and Mexico even though more than likely not in agreement has little to do against us or we completely close off all borders and dissalow any relations with them.

Send our army where?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Pie!

Well after only 2 week of waiting I got my Raspberry Pi and let me tell you it's pretty fucking cool!
I followed this guide and easily loaded it with RaspBMC ( a low profileXBMC for the Pi ) and created myself a pretty sweet micro set top box.

7 Psycopaths - Movie Trailer

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

let me ask a STUPID question..... If we ALLLLLLLL got together and say made a physical group and monthly decided what movie/album/book/ETC each of us would buy and then when finished did a revolving door with it until we got it back, but on a massive website honor system lending scale.... how long would it take for the MPAA or RIAA to get in and shit on it and try to sue the website? Seriously i want to make a massive database where local people (craigslist per say) can go on and create an account and actually physically lend things to each other just to see how long it is until they figure it is illegal and try to sue. I want to do this soley as an experiment, anyone down?

who has some decent database skills to help me out as I have no database skills what so ever.... I'm skill less in the art of database :(

DMC Reboot - Hangover Trailer

I am probably one of the FOUR people who are actually excited for this DMC Reboot. I was never actually a fan of the originals and found them cliche' and very repetitive. I mean mindless hack and slash is a good time but if there is no real filler story in between then it just gets boring. This is probably how God Of War survived so many games. You MASH "X" but then get treated to some very emotionally driven dialogue and story. This new game's plot seems like a mix of the old Roddy Piper movie "They Live" mixed with Silent Hill. Premise is a race of demons are subliminally controlling the human race through politics and advertising and only a few select people in a particular group, branded as terrorists can actually see their true face. Check out the trailer above and honestly tell me this Dante doesn't seem a bit more interesting.

Friday, August 3, 2012

New Releases at home?

I propose a question:

The movie industry says it’s plagued with piracy. 

I came up with a plan. People no longer want to go to the movies and would much rather stay home with the introduction of cheaper big screen televisions and projectors.

I'm a genius!

Vacant Detroit becomes dumping ground for the dead

 Just my suggestion but why not start turning abandoned Detroit areas into a Vegas like strip of Casinos and shows.
If I were the politicians there I would offer a year tax free to the first to develop on the land and create this industry. It would bring Jobs, tourism and clean it the hell up. Also add a red light district......

There are plenty of incentives to bring the possibilities there. Casinos would have their own surveillance and security which would help police and it could add the glitz and glamor to this shit hole.