Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Obama job approval rating lowest since 2011

Obama job approval rating lowest since 2011

Some of JC Penney's big sales are misleading, say employees

Does anyone not know stores do this?
We even see this at the outlets when we go.

A trick is to use your phone (if you have a data plan) and check the prices elsewhere and online before you buy anything unfamiliar.

We hit the Old Navy outlet at Tanger in CT for certain things and because we know what a shirt costs normally and whether its good deal.

Many stores price match as well so if you find it cheaper via your phone at another store hit the manager and get a price match or sometimes even a 10% lower. Home Depot and Lowes do Price beating so its a good practice for tools.

Monday, July 22, 2013

PS4 Dev Thrashes GameStop’s Business Model

Boo hoo. I just bought Bioshock Inf and Borderlands 2 new because they were on sale for dirt cheap, and to buy used was only a 3$ savings. Only reason I bought new.

I Also traded in 3 POS games I paid WAY to much for (Sorcery ANYONE! Dead Island Riptide.... bleck). 40$ for sorcery new and 55$ for riptide new! Wasted on two unenjoyable POS games with way to much promotion.

Sorry but I only buy used or way past release to save the money. Its not our job as consumers to support you its our job to get the best bang for our buck. YOU want our business then start making buying new more appealing. Dont strip things from used sales like online passes because that makes the majority mad.

You think you dont make enough from your publishers and management then you deal with it. Make a union group for all devs if you feel so strongly but stop blaming the consumer and used game market for your own short falls and mismanagement.

Make the games cheaper on release and then you will get those first bang sales before used even becomes an issue.

Im not spending 60$ anymore on something that I may hate (Dark Souls, but loved demons souls) just to NOT have a return policy and be stuck with it. PS yes used games also entitles you to a return policy.

Learn something there, no return policy just tells me you have NO FAITH in your product and cant risk the return.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My thoughts - Zimmerman vs Treyvon

I think both sides were wrong. One side ended up worse but both did wrong. He was innocent because he did not break any laws.

Let me ask WHY if Treyvon was so threatened did HE not call the police.
He called like 2 people during the entire thing correct (at least one I know of) but why didnt HE call the police. He could have called 911 if he was so scared and they would have put 2 and 2 together and told Zimmerman and this would have been settled. Instead he wanted to be a tough guy and attack.

BOTH sides were wrong, sorry. Had he taken the gun and shot Zimmerman would you all be lynching for his head?

Sorry but this is done people just let it go, let the family deal with it, but the likes of Sharpton trying to leech onto this for his own gain is awful. That man needs a cancer.
This happened in FL but yet there are riots in CA and LA.... two places they love looting for some reason, coincidence?

Monday, July 15, 2013


Remember these guys? Little frizzy haired, gem bellied, pocket monsters.

Well now troll means something new.

I read a response to someones opinion this morning that kind of actually woke me up, no literally it was 7:45am and Im at work half asleep.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Almost 30,000 California inmates in second day of hunger strike..... SO?

Well I'm sorry is PRISON too uncomfortable? Let me fluff your pillow and send your complaint to management, you may get a complimentary bottle of bubbly.
Yo probably killed someone.

The main advocate here is Ronnie Dewberry who's sister says she hasn't hugged her brother in 29 years. Well your brother is serving a life sentence for MURDER so you know the victims family also hasn't hugged their brother/sister in that long nor ever will again.

"Dewberry is serving a life sentence for a murder he was convicted of in 1981 in Alameda County."

I don't get why I'm supposed to feel bad for someone who if was out in the general public would be nothing but a violent nuisance who would shank me if they had the opportunity.

Sorry but my view is stop eating, save the tax payers some money and maybe a few of you will keel over saving even more money.

Rapist Who Attacked 40 Women getting released

Why is this guy not dead? Why is society repeatedly paying for room and board when he consistantly returns to his dangerous ways?

Just kill him.... SOMEBODY DO IT!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Inside Amy Schumer - season one review...... meeeeeeeeeh

What started as something cute with basic laughs turned into something that sent embarrassing chills up your back just by watching.

Me and the GF are actually Schumer fans and recently just saw her at Foxwoods. We think she is just the right mix of adorable and dirty to be funny. We've listened to her on Opie and Ant many times, saw her specials and her stand up act live was pretty good.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hamilton Nolan - the Ginger Turd

I have recently just now realized Hamilton Nolan has blocked my comments on his Gawker "articles". I mean can they be called articles? I guess so much as this is really.

I believe it came from a post, yes they are actually posts because honestly that's ALL the format it fits, about the decline of white births in America and how Whitey is now the minority.
It seems this is all he pretty much writes about. Some bladdy blah blah whitey.. bleck!

Let alone THIS is Hamilton Nolan!

WAIT I was wrong... but I mean c'mon you can see why I would confuse those pics!

My only guess is he is severely trying to catch himself some fine piece of brown tail, or he's one of those wanna be white Rastafarian guys.

Just a pic