Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hamilton Nolan - the Ginger Turd

I have recently just now realized Hamilton Nolan has blocked my comments on his Gawker "articles". I mean can they be called articles? I guess so much as this is really.

I believe it came from a post, yes they are actually posts because honestly that's ALL the format it fits, about the decline of white births in America and how Whitey is now the minority.
It seems this is all he pretty much writes about. Some bladdy blah blah whitey.. bleck!

Let alone THIS is Hamilton Nolan!

WAIT I was wrong... but I mean c'mon you can see why I would confuse those pics!

My only guess is he is severely trying to catch himself some fine piece of brown tail, or he's one of those wanna be white Rastafarian guys.

I will say most of his "pieces" are short..... pieces lol. This I like because I do have a fairly short attention span and beyond 4 paragraphs is just being greedy if its not a history write up.

BUT all his work, god I need something else to call it, okay it's just SHITE from now on.
All his shite is nothing more than self indulgent garbage with little to no standing. I will say this because anything you write in the comments that contradicts his journalistic (shite) integrity gets blocked....(I almost wrote blacked.... would have still fit lol). This would probably be the 5th Gawker shite writer to block me, well because Im an asshole. I know this, I THRIVE on it. Not because I'm trolling but because assholes who actually believe themselves and their thoughts to be valid make for good argument and spur great thoughts. Sometimes I can be brash and it may appear Im hiding behind an online persona but in reality this IS how I am. This is how my friends are. We act like this in public and believe it or not have NEVER had a bar fight. In reality we are that table in a restaurant that eventually gets the 4 tables around us involved with our discussion. We are all races and preferences, we understand many don't like us, FUCK we understand we usually don't like each other very much but we love each other to death and would kill/die for our belief on how we feel about things and that bonds us.

Why someone like Nolan would block personalities such as mine from communicating with others on an article he so passionately feels about is beyond me... unless, wait.... no... it's impossible.... he feels "in-genuine" about what he writes.  Maybe hes that white kid trying to be non-white to be cool, you know like it's still the 90's. Trust me I went to school my entire life in Bridgeport, CT, I saw them. I was one of like 4 white kids out of TWO who actually said they were white. Maybe this is why his image is an alligator with vinyl fence on its teeth? Whatever the fuck that is.

Hamilton Nolan you are an interesting conundrum I will say. Perhaps you hide yourself now so when the minority world raises their hands with you as the messiah you can surprise them all last minute?
Perhaps I just think too much and you don't like me, many people dislike me, I actually like that. If we all got along 24/7 it would make for very drab conversation, but I don't see it as a reason to be afraid that I interject my opinions into your poorly written diatribe shite. 

No one will see this, I am going to post it on my own blog, which again NO ONE will see. I maybe get like 40 hits a day and mostly spam but I don't do it for more than anything but creative venting.
I WILL say Andrew Tarantola blocked me and I wrote a post about it and he found it.
Probably Googling himself the narcissistic prick... I'm just kidding we have all googled ourselves BUT we are all narcissistic pricks in reality, Facebook has showed me this.

I honestly used to love coming to Gawker, mainly during downtime at work. Not for the writers, because they are pretty much plagiarizing  trash writers, that prob double over for TMZ but for the commentors. The commentors here were some of the funniest on the web. They could be just plain mean and pissy to a point that would make me fall over laughing in my chair but now, its just lame. Comments are so filtered and blocked it just isn't fun, which for a site like this that is about as much news as the tags on my shoes, makes the site pretty much useless.
STOP blocking content and let people do their thing. If you are afraid of disagreements in the comments then you should not feel prepared to share your thoughts.

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