Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fuck the world!

As if I havent been pissed enough already for various reasons I sit to watch Inside Amy Schumer last night (because Im a glutton for awful skit punishment) to once again hear a schlock at the lowly bass player.......

46 seconds in.

"I sleep on a futon, Ive been using the same brita for 3 years, my room mate is a BASSIST"

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Silent Hill Tv Series

In the vain of Twilight Zone and Tales From the Darkside I would love to see an episodic series of Silent Hill on Tv.
It would have none of the game characters or stories but deal with new individuals bringing in their problems to Silent Hill and how the Town affects them.

It could be a new person ever episode, or even Season, with new season long stories.

It would deal with peoples past, their actions, guilt, horror, love and perhaps explain some of the Town's History. A little bit like some of the comics have done.

What are your thoughts..... anybody????

Aereo goes to SCOTUS in a couple days.... ALL THE LUCK TO AEREO!

Im not going into the specifics of this anymore. I just wish them luck and hope many others do as well.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Welfare Kids?

Why can people have kids, and barely pay into the system by maintaining a poverty level life style yet still claim their kids? Those who use SNAP, free Medical, Education Assistance, ETC ETC can still file taxes and claim children for returns.

Why can't I claim them? The way I see it is most every other person in the country is paying into the system to support YOUR kids so I should be able to partake in that sweet juicy write off. I am single with no kids yet still have to pay into the systems that these parents/children utilize yet never need them nor will, myself. Not only that I am in a MUCH higher tax bracket since Im seen as having the extra income since I was intelligent enough to pull out.

Where is the logic here?

I think those who HAVE kids should pay more since YOU are using the services I am not.

Having children is a choice, and those who CHOOSE to have them adopt the responsibility to pay more into the system. Perhaps if we did start taxing people for what they use more people would use it more intelligently.

"The Tax Policy Center further estimates that the average tax benefit for parents exceeds $3,400. A married couple with two kids could get benefits of nearly $7,700, while a single parent with two children might receive more than $8,100.
As a result of the code's many child-related tax provisions, about half of households with kids -- many of them lower income -- won't owe any federal income taxes in 2013. Some in that group will even get a check from the government."

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dark Souls 2 - To play with friends or not? My view, whats yours

Many people love to say this game is meant to be played "alone" which is untrue because is has a very intricate coop system.
They love to say its meant to be played with random people forced not to chat, which is also wrong because they added voice chat.
They say playing with friends makes the game to easy, well again I say you are wrong. In fact it makes you MORE careful and the game MORE difficult.
Let me explain.

Me and my ONLY buddy who also tolerates the souls games like to play together. This is not to make the game easy but to actually make it harder. We played Demons souls side by side and as much of Dark as we could. When playing with someone who is you're friend you are are taking extra careful steps even as a phantom because you dont want to screw your buddie's game up. You can occasionally say, oh let me go ahead and check but then again thats the same any phantom would do and honestly its an easy way to get you both killed. You fight harder and explore more because you are doing it together as a coordinated team. I HATE when I die and my buddy has to come back to get me alone, ripe for an invader or trap.

When you summon a random person in your game the FIRST thing they do is start indiscriminately attacking EVERYTHING and running for the boss. They want souls and thats it. They want those juicy boss rewards. They know the board already, they know exactly what weapons to use and what magic and more often than not (ESPECIALLY ON BOSSES) they loiter in the boards their characters are best suited for.

I was fighting the Old Iron King last night, who I was actually almost able to solo but decided to summon some guys cause they were there. Both literally DEVASTATED him with lighting bolts. I landed maybe 1 hit. Now I helped others mele him so I know its tougher but can be done, yet it felt REALLY easy and cheap having these two guys rail him.

With a friend you learn and build tactics side by side. We are both mele pyro so we would have to use our guys to the best of OUR abilities. This actually makes it much harder in the end because honestly we both HATE bringing a 3rd wheel in because again while we are nook and cranny'ing the level he/she is off killing.
Its irritating when you find a cool item casually while souls are being dumped in your bank and you have NO IDEA where they are coming from.

Also when you are helping your friend you dont feel so cheap when you find a cool item in his game and say "nice now i need to get that in mine" because you really found it together. You are not using your friends game for pre scouting you are trying to make him boss'able to then help you do it all the same.

This is just my opinion. I cant not see why they never added an invite feature. This does come from my other post about me and him now on the SECOND Dark Souls and once again having issues. We have played MULTIPLE coop games with ZERO issues (we just finished borderlands 2) but the Souls Games still just SUCK with their coop. Again I feel a tad cheated and we sit on the phone while we each play our own games like dickheads. Its just dumb. We summon someone else in and all the other one hears is "AW CMON WTF MAN" or "DUDE WHERE THE FK ARE YOU GOIN!"

How do you feel

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SNL Dooneese

Dooneese canta from Lilián López Camberos on Vimeo.


"House Democrats unveiled their response to Paul Ryan's GOP budget on Monday, and it relies on a $1.5 trillion in higher taxes over the coming 10 years and the economic benefits of immigration reform to make the numbers work.

The plan by Maryland Democrat Chris Van Hollen counts on hundreds of billions of dollars in tax revenues from an influx of immigrant workers to help reduce deficits to the $600 billion range by 2024."

Were going to bring "IN" immigrant workers???? So we tax the immigrant workers on their peasely $8 an hour while leaving the american worker out to rot? Why not get rid of the immigrants and let Americans do the work at livable wages and tax that??? We are going to let immigrants stay to tax their wages YET still pay into every welfare system they use and STILL tax the national Americans MORE that are now out of work due to this???? #$%$!
If Im missing something here in the way they presented this plan PLEASE let me know

Monday, April 7, 2014

Obama Isn't Deporting 'Gangbanger' Immigrants, But Ones Who Run Red Lights 

Let’s take into consideration the immigrant driving is probably NOT insured. Then he hits someone and the rest of the country pays for it through higher insurance rates. Just like welfare, JUST like medical bills, JUST like education.
I was hit by an uninsured immigrant who promptly disappeared and made me sue MY OWN insurance for car repairs.

I don’t understand why all immigrants think they are entitled to come here and that their families marching in the street mean something. GO HOME, go make your OWN countries livable. Why should we take you when you all ALREADY proved you will destroy anything you are part of.

We barely have enough resources here for ourselves, job competition is insane, we cant afford it anymore on our taxes and medical system and it really does hurt our living standard and wages for natural born citizens.

I say deport them ALL, children or not and let them legally seek an avenue from their own country. Those we deport and send back are back charged to the country they are from.

To me there is no difference from the traffic violator and the gang banger. Fix your own country

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oxy Elite can't catch a break

bullsh*t I used oxyelite fine in the old formula forever. Then the GOVERNMENT made them change the formula because they wanted to outlaw the DMAA in it which was its MAIN ingrediant, and PERFECTLY safe when used correctly.
Thank god I knew without DMAA the new formula would not work and never used it. This is more the governments fault for not realizing those TWO people who had a bad reaction to the old formula were probably tripple dosing and caused their own heart explosions.

And lets look at the FDA's track record on EVERYTHING anyway. They are a sham organization just trying to get their claws into this part of the market for more bribes. They are as bad as the FCC signing off on big company mergers for shiny new jobs.... MEREDITH BAKER/COMCAST!