Thursday, August 7, 2014

Well updated the actual site with a chat room function, not linked with the real ustream chat since that is a pay service and we're cheap but it works.

Aside that we also have the actual UStream channel embedded at the top so the show can be watched right from the site!

As usual the Twitter feed on the right sidebar will update with start times and news.

Check us out!

We are going to try and run it from Fred's this Friday since my upstream was not fast enough to handle the PS4 and Laptop feeds.

Chat us up and call in!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Show tonight hopefully around 6 - 6:30 PM EST. "Six Beers In"on Ustream and tonight we're also using the PS4 video network as well!
That channel info to come (I have no idea how that shit works yet)

check twitter and for updated time info

G+ site


Also going to FINALLY get an active number up so if you want to call in just contact us in the Ustream chat and we will activate it and give it to you

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Immigration Reform?! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Who pays for this??? Oh we do....
Who pays for them to have assisted living when they get to stay? Oh we do....
Who pays for their healthcare and food???? Oh we do?

Sorry but I agree with the chanters. Send them back, and not only that but bill the crap out of their country for transport, food and health care fees.
Their governments dont care about them running here because they know they are creating anchors in the states to milk and corrupt the system. Eventually America will be "THAT COUNTRY" they came from and everyone will be running elsewhere.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Second Podcast tonight - 9 or 9:30pm EST Ustream TIME CHANGE

So we think the first cast went decent.
We had fun and really that's what we want. If something great comes from it (or even mildly decent) then that would be even better.
If you can check us out tonight 9:30 (give or take) pm EST (give or take)

There is a chat built into the Ustream and we even take SKYPE and can do calls if needed.
Last weeks is up on Youtube.

If we can get enough people then hopefully we can get a live streaming channel on YouTube which would be commercial free (I think) and stream with much less delay.

You can watch the last cast on our Google + page. Join the page if you can, it helps.... I think, I dunno, I'm not really a social media guy honestly.

The ustream channel is

Some things we are going to try and discuss will be

AEREO being denied by SCOTUS
Stag arms layoffs in CT due to the newer gun restrictions
Jeremey Meeks again... man cant get enough dreamy eyes can we
Insurance Hikes in CT
The Child border immigration epidemic
anything random

Friday, June 20, 2014

Video Podcast - tonight

Well me and my buddy Fred are starting a video podcast for the hell of it.
We don't know why or where it will go or If we'll even enjoy it but we figured "what the fuck"!

It will be hosted live on ustream under the channel "Six Beers In" (just search for that), starting between 8-8:30pm EST USA.

After that the recorded version will be uploaded to youtube for further watching.
We will also be trying to incorporate call ins during the show using SKYPE and our regular telephone. How this will turn out is beyond me but we'll see.

Skype Name will be  - SixBeersIn

The actual phone number will be updated later if I can get it working

We will also place a chat room up during the show
Link will be updated on the Ustream chat

We will also be trying to figure out how to run an audio ONLY mode for the future as well.

This is NEW, bear with us.

It WILL be offensive, so feel free to be offensive back.

I will also try to update with some topics prior to the show so you can prep your thoughts

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Aereo Update

"More markets and more marketing muscle will mean an increase in cord cutting across the U.S.," Greenfield wrote in a report this week. If that happens, he added, it could force cable and satellite providers to offer more low-cost video packages to retain subscribers.
Broadcasters fear that if people drop their pay service in favor of Aereo, it would cost the networks money. Pay-TV distributors pay broadcasters retransmission consent fees to carry their signals. According to industry consulting firm SNL Kagan, those fees will reach $4 billion this year and close to $8 billion in 2019.
If the high court sides with Aereo, Greenfield said, "the only true winner will be the consumer."

Not REALLY the type of argument you want to present to the public.
“Oh yeah if Aereo wins SO DO YOU, but that’s BAAAAAAAAAAAD. For, you know…… reasons?”

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Racist Dead ISland 2 Trailer!

OH SNAP! okay in that song a goes "white folks do in time if you can"

1:20 in in this trailer

Not racist?

F everyone who gets bent out of shape over people getting pissed at the FF4 Johnny storm recast! Pot meet Kettle!
Its okay to be racist if you arent white (yes hes HALF white), its a rapper named Pigeon John
But if Obama made a comment against black people as being predominantly the source of crime in the US Im SURE they wouldn't care he was half black would they.

Also it has come to my attention after watching them repeatedly that in the IGN video the guy goes bald when he becomes a Zombie.
In the racist Yahoo video they show a wig peeling off.
WTF IGN hates bald people?!!

Why did you edit the anti white commment but also edit out the wig peeling so we see what a monster the guy becomes when he balds?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Godzilla 2014 review


Saw Godzilla Saturday. My immediate reaction after the film was "it sucked". It really made no sense. Godzilla wasn't shown until EXACTLY 1 HOUR in.
The two other MUTO monsters weren't really that impressive to me.
Lastly I really gave 2 shits about the human side story. I didn't care about Cranston's son, didn't care about his son's son and personally wasn't crazy about The Last Samurai's deep toned over acting.
It turned out the entire movie was waiting for the last 15 minutes.
They never actually said WHY Godzilla wanted to fight these two other monsters, just that he was their apex predator yet he didn't take one bite out of either of them. It was like he just.... wanted to fight.

I actually liked the 1998 Godzilla more.

Then I thought about it. The more and more I did; the more I began to like the movie.

The major gripe I had was why Godzilla wanted to come after these two monsters who were supposedly some ancient creatures laying dormant until awakened by each other to mate. These creatures fed off radiation and were attracted to any source of said radiation. Hence the nuclear plant attack in the beginning. The creatures would cocoon themselves asleep absorbing radiation until they were awakened (say radiation one more time maybe?).

Let me see how I can break this down.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Oldie but goodie

After this shit with Russia and now China, I just wanted to watch this again and laugh

Net Neutrality - Support and March!

I wish I lived in DC so I could Join them. People we NEED these services to be reclassified or we will be in a world of severe hurt when it comes to our favorite services. Imagine Comcast decides it wants more money from netflix and netflix users just because it's decided they use more internet? For Comcast this would be a GREAT way to get you back on cable.

Please support this cause and if you live in the area go there, go there on lunch, go there with megaphones, go there on a day off, go there go there go there!!!!!!!!

These big corps are gaining to much authority for their services.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Don Sterling

Guys racist... Who cares, its his american right. Does it make it good? No, but again its his right .

Anyway Im watching his mistress on Barbara Walters BUT ITS OBVIOUS  the bitch is being fed lined in her ear. Watch her eyes and the pause after every question. She has an earpiece in.

I'll post the vid later.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fuck the world!

As if I havent been pissed enough already for various reasons I sit to watch Inside Amy Schumer last night (because Im a glutton for awful skit punishment) to once again hear a schlock at the lowly bass player.......

46 seconds in.

"I sleep on a futon, Ive been using the same brita for 3 years, my room mate is a BASSIST"

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Silent Hill Tv Series

In the vain of Twilight Zone and Tales From the Darkside I would love to see an episodic series of Silent Hill on Tv.
It would have none of the game characters or stories but deal with new individuals bringing in their problems to Silent Hill and how the Town affects them.

It could be a new person ever episode, or even Season, with new season long stories.

It would deal with peoples past, their actions, guilt, horror, love and perhaps explain some of the Town's History. A little bit like some of the comics have done.

What are your thoughts..... anybody????

Aereo goes to SCOTUS in a couple days.... ALL THE LUCK TO AEREO!

Im not going into the specifics of this anymore. I just wish them luck and hope many others do as well.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Welfare Kids?

Why can people have kids, and barely pay into the system by maintaining a poverty level life style yet still claim their kids? Those who use SNAP, free Medical, Education Assistance, ETC ETC can still file taxes and claim children for returns.

Why can't I claim them? The way I see it is most every other person in the country is paying into the system to support YOUR kids so I should be able to partake in that sweet juicy write off. I am single with no kids yet still have to pay into the systems that these parents/children utilize yet never need them nor will, myself. Not only that I am in a MUCH higher tax bracket since Im seen as having the extra income since I was intelligent enough to pull out.

Where is the logic here?

I think those who HAVE kids should pay more since YOU are using the services I am not.

Having children is a choice, and those who CHOOSE to have them adopt the responsibility to pay more into the system. Perhaps if we did start taxing people for what they use more people would use it more intelligently.

"The Tax Policy Center further estimates that the average tax benefit for parents exceeds $3,400. A married couple with two kids could get benefits of nearly $7,700, while a single parent with two children might receive more than $8,100.
As a result of the code's many child-related tax provisions, about half of households with kids -- many of them lower income -- won't owe any federal income taxes in 2013. Some in that group will even get a check from the government."

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dark Souls 2 - To play with friends or not? My view, whats yours

Many people love to say this game is meant to be played "alone" which is untrue because is has a very intricate coop system.
They love to say its meant to be played with random people forced not to chat, which is also wrong because they added voice chat.
They say playing with friends makes the game to easy, well again I say you are wrong. In fact it makes you MORE careful and the game MORE difficult.
Let me explain.

Me and my ONLY buddy who also tolerates the souls games like to play together. This is not to make the game easy but to actually make it harder. We played Demons souls side by side and as much of Dark as we could. When playing with someone who is you're friend you are are taking extra careful steps even as a phantom because you dont want to screw your buddie's game up. You can occasionally say, oh let me go ahead and check but then again thats the same any phantom would do and honestly its an easy way to get you both killed. You fight harder and explore more because you are doing it together as a coordinated team. I HATE when I die and my buddy has to come back to get me alone, ripe for an invader or trap.

When you summon a random person in your game the FIRST thing they do is start indiscriminately attacking EVERYTHING and running for the boss. They want souls and thats it. They want those juicy boss rewards. They know the board already, they know exactly what weapons to use and what magic and more often than not (ESPECIALLY ON BOSSES) they loiter in the boards their characters are best suited for.

I was fighting the Old Iron King last night, who I was actually almost able to solo but decided to summon some guys cause they were there. Both literally DEVASTATED him with lighting bolts. I landed maybe 1 hit. Now I helped others mele him so I know its tougher but can be done, yet it felt REALLY easy and cheap having these two guys rail him.

With a friend you learn and build tactics side by side. We are both mele pyro so we would have to use our guys to the best of OUR abilities. This actually makes it much harder in the end because honestly we both HATE bringing a 3rd wheel in because again while we are nook and cranny'ing the level he/she is off killing.
Its irritating when you find a cool item casually while souls are being dumped in your bank and you have NO IDEA where they are coming from.

Also when you are helping your friend you dont feel so cheap when you find a cool item in his game and say "nice now i need to get that in mine" because you really found it together. You are not using your friends game for pre scouting you are trying to make him boss'able to then help you do it all the same.

This is just my opinion. I cant not see why they never added an invite feature. This does come from my other post about me and him now on the SECOND Dark Souls and once again having issues. We have played MULTIPLE coop games with ZERO issues (we just finished borderlands 2) but the Souls Games still just SUCK with their coop. Again I feel a tad cheated and we sit on the phone while we each play our own games like dickheads. Its just dumb. We summon someone else in and all the other one hears is "AW CMON WTF MAN" or "DUDE WHERE THE FK ARE YOU GOIN!"

How do you feel

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SNL Dooneese

Dooneese canta from Lilián López Camberos on Vimeo.


"House Democrats unveiled their response to Paul Ryan's GOP budget on Monday, and it relies on a $1.5 trillion in higher taxes over the coming 10 years and the economic benefits of immigration reform to make the numbers work.

The plan by Maryland Democrat Chris Van Hollen counts on hundreds of billions of dollars in tax revenues from an influx of immigrant workers to help reduce deficits to the $600 billion range by 2024."

Were going to bring "IN" immigrant workers???? So we tax the immigrant workers on their peasely $8 an hour while leaving the american worker out to rot? Why not get rid of the immigrants and let Americans do the work at livable wages and tax that??? We are going to let immigrants stay to tax their wages YET still pay into every welfare system they use and STILL tax the national Americans MORE that are now out of work due to this???? #$%$!
If Im missing something here in the way they presented this plan PLEASE let me know

Monday, April 7, 2014

Obama Isn't Deporting 'Gangbanger' Immigrants, But Ones Who Run Red Lights 

Let’s take into consideration the immigrant driving is probably NOT insured. Then he hits someone and the rest of the country pays for it through higher insurance rates. Just like welfare, JUST like medical bills, JUST like education.
I was hit by an uninsured immigrant who promptly disappeared and made me sue MY OWN insurance for car repairs.

I don’t understand why all immigrants think they are entitled to come here and that their families marching in the street mean something. GO HOME, go make your OWN countries livable. Why should we take you when you all ALREADY proved you will destroy anything you are part of.

We barely have enough resources here for ourselves, job competition is insane, we cant afford it anymore on our taxes and medical system and it really does hurt our living standard and wages for natural born citizens.

I say deport them ALL, children or not and let them legally seek an avenue from their own country. Those we deport and send back are back charged to the country they are from.

To me there is no difference from the traffic violator and the gang banger. Fix your own country

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oxy Elite can't catch a break

bullsh*t I used oxyelite fine in the old formula forever. Then the GOVERNMENT made them change the formula because they wanted to outlaw the DMAA in it which was its MAIN ingrediant, and PERFECTLY safe when used correctly.
Thank god I knew without DMAA the new formula would not work and never used it. This is more the governments fault for not realizing those TWO people who had a bad reaction to the old formula were probably tripple dosing and caused their own heart explosions.

And lets look at the FDA's track record on EVERYTHING anyway. They are a sham organization just trying to get their claws into this part of the market for more bribes. They are as bad as the FCC signing off on big company mergers for shiny new jobs.... MEREDITH BAKER/COMCAST!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I wish I could write a script on a webpage that would allow you to enter your facebook login and pass and go in and auto delete your page for you safely just to be a jerk and make deleting your facebook a huge fun pop trend, but alas I am not skilled in the way of programming. I can make the page and create great ideas but could never learn scripting at all....
After being deleted it would say "You are #(your number) to use this page to delete your account, here is your certificate of freedom"

Anyone want to help?

Miss the scripps network since cutting the cord?
Even most guys won't admit it, yes we miss the Food network, I mean WHO DOESN'T like Giada, that cutie, or Chopped.

In fact most guy don't even know Travel Channel is part of the same network.
Well Today I found

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


First you increase the cost to 100$, which I would deal with BUT NOW you remove ALL your Prime eligible shows from Travel, Food Network and DIY!?

Sorry but without these shows I can't see your service being worth it at all. Can someone fill me in since Amazon Prime has ZERO in the way of contact info.

I used to love to click on Travel for Dead Files or Ghost Adventures but wtf... did you lose all the rights? I can only hope Scripps is dropping Prime to follow suit with A&E and History to create full fledged Roku channels with advertising for us cord cutters!

To be honest Prime sucks out loud. Most of the 2 days shipping is useless and the video on demand stinks. Aside Vikings there isn't anything and their setup sucks. I can't see why they dont use the HULU and Netflix UI where you see the show then select that for the seasons. Instead they leave all the seasons in the main UI page cluttering it up to make it look like they have more of a selection.


Well did a chat with support and officially they lost the rights to those networks. Prime streaming is officially the WORST available now.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

God's cruelest joke on man


Bears, the only creature on this green earth that look JUST as cute grown as they do as cubs.
They sit there like big fat doughy eyed imbeciles just waiting for you to pet their bellies then "RHAAAAAAA" they're ripping out your intestines while you scream in pain.

WHY WHY WHY God did you not make them get uglier as they got bigger like EVERY other animal on the planet, why must you taunt us with the desire to always want to be cuddle buddies with the Bear, the ANIMAL the bear, not the gay slang (cause I did see that one coming)!

oh just ADORABLE!

"Come pet my belly, and I'll share my honey with you uh derp derp"


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dark Souls 2 (ps3?)

This is NOT a review. After the abysmal time I had with Dark Souls 1 I'm overly hesitant to purchase 2. I LOVED Demons Souls and played through it about 30 times. Some how though Dark Souls failed miserably to catch the same spark.... some how? Oh NO never mind it was the HORRID online. I have a review of the game somewhere in this so Im not going to delve into its awful coop system, and glitchy/laggy PVP but all in all I have not lost faith this one could be good.

I read reviews and they are of course all good with praises abound but still this is what happened with one. Everyone talked about how great "the game" was and pushed it leaving out the fact the online was so broken. I feel these reviews are pulling the same shenanigans. I have not read ONE review where someone talks about the online yet. Are they hiding something?

Can ANYONE out there let me know if the online is better in this game because personally playing the game offline is a very droll experience. I liked jumping on with another person and having a good time, like sex. Okay by yourself, BETTER with another.

Are the timed summons an issue?
Are Invasions timed as well, cause I hate how an invader will just hide in enemies forever and run.
Is the summon time 5 or 30 minutes?
Will your summoned help actually be banished during a boss fight or can they stay for that? I would not want help or me helping to be banished during a boss fight to lose the souls I should have earned.
I've read enemies don't respawn after staying at a fire any more. Is this true?


Monday, February 24, 2014

Hulu - Misfits

So heroes was on a few years ago and then SUCKED after a season. Finally went off the air and never truly ended. News is out that it being revived for another season with new characters but if you NEED your super powered a-hole fix and can't wait PLEASE check out Misfits on HULU.

Its become one of our favorite shows, especially due to Robert Sheehans character being such as ass.
The show is about a group of young people all put together for community service of petty crimes. From this a freak storm gives them (among other people in the city) super powers of varied sorts from awesome to just stupid. From there of course odd situations arise from the death of their probation officer to past relationships coming to haunt them.

Give it a shot which would be at least 2 to 3 episodes to get past Lauren Socha's abhorrent accent, but when you do its super fun to figure out what the pikey is saying.

I would actually say this show is far superior to Heroes in every way and the character development and bonding is great. Im on the 2nd season now and I have read Sheehan leaves after season 2 which will suck so hopefully it retains its charm.

Misfits on Hulu

Friday, February 7, 2014

NBC News... WTF did you do!?

Your site looks like utter shit. You took the windows 8 tile setup and put it on a normal PC as if that's intuitive to someone using a mouse and keyboard. Every article is  HUGE and in your face to the point of annoyance.
Sorry but shit like this might turn me into a fox news junkie...... ra ra Obama is a Muslim arg arg arg Abortion is a SIN! blah blah Welfare is a bane on our economy..... Okay I agree with that. One out of 3 ain't bad.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


"The federal agency said Tuesday it is launching a $115 million multimedia education campaign called "The Real Cost" that's aimed at stopping teenagers from smoking and encouraging them to quit."

NO! If the idiots want to smoke then let them, and STOP giving smokers healthcare and help with smoking related illness….. sorry you dug your own graves and I don’t want to pay for it…. WITH MONEY!

Why is the country spending any amount of money this is beyond me but $115MILLION we probably don’t have? C’mon REALLY!

Monday, February 3, 2014


So Hulu Plus has passed five million subscribers!
At 8$ monthly that’s FORTY MILLION a month!
Then why has the service been suffering so? Why are paying subscribers locked out of shows, loosing content, dealing with still web only content, and getting more and more commercials (among many other grips, just look at the HULU forums)?

Once touted as a way to get on demand access to TONS of your favorite shows on multiple devices slowly turned into just a form of advertising for cable companies really.

Once offering full seasons you are now lucky to get 5 rotating episodes of a show at once, which may seem like a good portion but hey what If you don’t actually catch onto a show until later and the first few eps are already gone?

They seem to be losing access to shows period more and more very day. Downton Abbey was just sold off to Amazon Prime so that’s gone, luckily me and the girl finished all the eps available but now I’ve also resorted to “other ways” to get seasons we missed.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Net neutrality....... and the selling out of our rights by our system, and the double standards.

Anyone who has followed Aereo knows the promise and usefulness of its offerings. It is basically an antenna able to catch all your local OTA stations through your internet.

Well not really. Its an antenna rented through Aereo you put on your house that transmits your local OTA channels from their station that is in the PRIME location to your house. Basically redirected LIVE through your ISP.

Well the broadcast companies don't like this idea.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Supernatural - suggestion

Has a "Slasher" ever been a monster of the week on this show?
I think that would be awesome.
A Jason or Mike Meyers. They shoot him he gets up, they run hes like 2 steps behind just walking. They cant figure out why they keep falling and dropping their keys when trying to get through doors......
Im sure they could make some mythology about this, like a damned vengeance demon inhabiting a corpse of a hockey player or welder.

Heard it here first. I actually had Mythbusters take my suggestion off their forum once. It was the whirlpool episode.

Fantasy Football

I don't watch sports, never did. Everyone is shocked when it comes to fantasy football time  at work everyone is surprised I have ZERO desire to get in.

THIS is how I view your fantasy football!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Oldie but goody!

The Last Action Hero

If you have never watched this movie take the time to sit and do it.
When it was released in 1993 I was 13.
I remember thinking it was literally the BEST Arnold movie ever, possibly one of the best story pieces I ever saw.
You can't look at it as an action movie, you have to go in KNOWING it's making fun of the action genre and it's outlandish possibilities.
It takes a John Mclean type character and humanizes him to his lowest point.
I think I'm going to watch this this week again, I really think this should be a top spot for anyone wanting to see something new.

PLUS it has one of the COOLEST bad guys and bad guy speeches EVER!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hey Texas, You're Gross!

“Even at this early stage, the lower extremities are deformed to the extent the gender cannot be determined,” the statement says.
In addition the statement says the fetus has swelling of the brain — “hydrocephalus” — as well as a possible heart problem."

So this guys wife is dead but you must force her to stay alive zombiefied so he will be stuck with some strange alien baby.....?

Hey Texas, you're fucking gross!

Reminds me of the baby in Dawn of the Dead

Monday, January 13, 2014

DO NOT BUY AN OUYA! - Update 1/15/2014 "Kay maybe buy an OUYA"

So after creating another help ticket and explaining my situation I got my buddies rep Jeff. I Included my friend's RMA number and info (with his permission of course) to prove my case and my controller is in New Jersey and on it's way.
Let's see if this fixes my lag/sync issues.


So since the day after Christmas I have been dealing with OUYA support over a controller swap because the lag on my system is SO bad its near unusable. From a mere 7 feet away I have to get up every TEN MINUTES to stand next to my system so the controller can communicate with the device and stop lagging.

I have been repeatedly told by my assigned rep Chris Green I have ZERO ETA on a swap and they are out of stock and their shippers are behind.

Meanwhile my close friend Jamel has his controller on the way. He started his RMA process almost a WEEK after me.

His rep Jeff seems to be on the ball.


My system is hard wired, direct line of site, and laying on its side! All these steps reduce the lag but when you are in a game and your character starts wildly flailing about and disobeying your inputs then you know the hardware is just bad.

I could use my PS3 controller but then I have re sync with the ps3 every time I use that.
I have already purchased games and software for this otherwise it would be returned to target.

OUYA support is abysmal and the fact everything is done through email and there is no contact number is just horrid.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Seat Belts

I decided to make this survey to get some real answers from people about the seat belt laws in effect.

I personally believe they are unjust. While I personally wear one and do believe statistically they save more lives than take I do not feel the government has a right to impose them on the public at fear of financial persecution.

I do honestly think more people wear seat belts simply out of conditioning or fear of a ticket than actual safety.

Now I do believe anyone under 18 should have to wear them and you should legally have to buckle your kids, though if you are a grown adult you can decide your fate yourself and deal with any consequences that may come should you end up in an accident. There in if you are paralyzed or hurt in any way and a seat belt could have prevented that then you are in no way able to sue for damages sustained and can in no way use public benefits to help your self.

Anyway please full out this survey and pass it along.


Seat Belt Survey

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I just ejaculated in my PANTS!


So this x-mas I got another nice gift.

BOTH A&E and History added on channels to the ROKU streaming box!

Now some of the material is of course locked unless you have an account with a cable provider, BUT much of it is still open and rotating.

To me this is a HUGE step in the direction I want to see this going in.

If these stations get a good reaction from us roku viewers and see it as profitable to stream commercials to us through the device then it will open doors to further programming from these stations and many other finally breaking the chains of cable and coming to the new age of cord cutters!

This is the true al la carte service.

Me and the little lady went on a nice "First 48" binge for 2 days just loving it!


In all honesty these were two of my favorite stations even before this. I LOVE the history channel, and if Discovery would come to the Dark Side I would be like a pig in shit...... corny, runny, fragrant shit!

If you have a Roku player PLEASE download these two network channels and EMAIL them to say thank you and show your support!

this page has both A&E and History contact info!

PLEASE support this!

My email to them