Monday, February 3, 2014


So Hulu Plus has passed five million subscribers!
At 8$ monthly that’s FORTY MILLION a month!
Then why has the service been suffering so? Why are paying subscribers locked out of shows, loosing content, dealing with still web only content, and getting more and more commercials (among many other grips, just look at the HULU forums)?

Once touted as a way to get on demand access to TONS of your favorite shows on multiple devices slowly turned into just a form of advertising for cable companies really.

Once offering full seasons you are now lucky to get 5 rotating episodes of a show at once, which may seem like a good portion but hey what If you don’t actually catch onto a show until later and the first few eps are already gone?

They seem to be losing access to shows period more and more very day. Downton Abbey was just sold off to Amazon Prime so that’s gone, luckily me and the girl finished all the eps available but now I’ve also resorted to “other ways” to get seasons we missed.

I love HULU, I always had. I had a subscription in the beginning SIMPLY because I wanted to support the prospect and see it venture into a way to have a non cable entity (Comcast) way of watching television. We have an antenna but catch squat.

I wanted to see big cable companies who long had a strangle hold on content be shown, just like the music industry, their time was changing and either jump on the bandwagon or sit behind and wait for the slaughter.
I cancelled cable over a year ago now and still we can’t look back. 140$ for digital starter because YOU want to charge us for things we DON’T even want? I don’t want your boxes, I don’t need channels 2 through 20 so why are you charging me 25$ for them? I don’t want your shit on demand it pretty much sucks. I don’t want your guide system, its already on my phone. All these things they push on your to try and compete but honestly half of us don’t want to pay for them nor desire them. Yet as always you pay for what you don’t want to supplement the less fortunate areas of cable. Same as paying for channel blocks instead of el la carte. They make you pay for a block of 6 channels to get the ONE you really want so they can still keep Lifetime alive. Its like channel welfare.

Anyway back to HULU. The big owners are Disney, FOX, and NBC (ugh COMCAST).
Do you think any of these companies want their content interfering with their big money in standard cable? HELLLLLLLLZ NO!

So HULU has been slowly turned into this strange entity where it gets you hooked on a show and takes it away to almost make you get cable again.

They started littering more and more adverts into the episodes to a point of obnoxiousness. I personally will always say I Like commercials. And if they can be used to supplement my costs then go for it. I even suggested that AT&T should implement commercial ringtones to offset my cell costs but seriously HULU Im seeing the same commercial TWICE in a row now? Not even twice between portions of the show I MEAN TWICE IN A ROW!

I stand by the fact HULU really started to degrade when Comcast bought majority share of NBC. This should have never happened and Meredith Baker should be jailed for bribery and treason for allowing this merger.

Comcast, Time Warner, Cablevision, ETC don’t  want you to leave their service for something new and easy like fancy MP3’s they want you listening to Cd’s still and overpaying for them (that’s an analogy JAMEL!).

I would love to see HULU break these partnerships and go off on its own.  I personally believe its power would come from not having to be controlled by its content providers and instead working with them. It’s too easy for companies like Comcast to say “hey cable revenues are down, pull these shows off HULU”. We at Hulu Plus are still paying customers and would like to be treated that way.
I have a PC hooked up to my TV and use PLAYON. I see no reason to need plus if it keeps going this way since on the Web there is no difference in service. 

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