Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Inside Amy Schumer - season one review...... meeeeeeeeeh

What started as something cute with basic laughs turned into something that sent embarrassing chills up your back just by watching.

Me and the GF are actually Schumer fans and recently just saw her at Foxwoods. We think she is just the right mix of adorable and dirty to be funny. We've listened to her on Opie and Ant many times, saw her specials and her stand up act live was pretty good.

I will say the first few episodes (like 2) were off and on watchable yet as the season went further in the skits just got into the "trying way to hard" territory.

Very few sketches provided real laughs and more and more we found ourselves playing with our tablets during the show rather than even caring it was there.
In fact most sketches just made no sense. They had little set up and went no where.
 I could go through a list of them and pick them apart but I'm just not that ambitious.

Every episode went in the same format and was littered with stand up from what seemed to be the same show, on the street questions that even though you could tell were all done at once were STRETCHED the entire season and then some weird one on one interview towards the end that kind of went no where. In fact the only interview that was interesting was the dominatrix (and maybe Club Soda Kenny).

Sort of like "The Ben Show", it started off with some great promise but its execution in the end was just repetition and predictability.

I will say Nathan for You rocks though.

Im sorry but the fact that this is already signed for a season 2 is bewildering and I doubt Ill keep watching. I wanted to like it, I really did but I can only take so much abuse.

Comedy Central is a funny station at times with it shows. I really wonder if it's just run by a board of gerbils.

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