Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Kill - Video Game Idea

I would love to see an assassination game where like 30 people are lumped into a room under the guise of roles, like guards, targets and assassins.
You don't know whos AI or whos the real assassin and its everyone's job to figure it out and stop them before they kill their target, who could also be AI or human.
I think it could be fun questioning guests until you possibly find the real human target. 
The assassin could have special abilities like jumping and climbing where the guards have numbers.

There could be mysteries in the kill ass well like decoys, and protective measures. Each catagory could be privy to certain info given to them at the beginning of the game which could be used to help question, disqualify and help coordinate plans, given who you could trust.
Anyone have other ideas to add?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Evil Dead reboot trailer

This is a bootlegged trailer form the latest comic con for the new Evil Dead movie.
Catch it before its taken down!

As a massive fan all the way to Army of Darkness this really looks like an amazingly well done remake..... Fingers crossed.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Still stands

This still stands as one of the greatest and most prophetic lines of all time!

Someone tell me... (Poll at bottom) - Update, Poll crashed

Why is prostitution not legal? This country was founded and built on it and it is still everywhere like it or not, so why is it not legal?

1) It destroys homes and households/marriages!
1B) No it doesn't. If you're a wife and can't keep your guy stimulated and he ventures off then it's probably your own fault and not the hooker. It could be that your husband is sleezy as well but this again isn't the professions fault. This is your marriages fault and it would have been a miserable one regardless.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Trailer - The Lone Ranger

Well after hearing so much about this movie for so long there is finally a trailer. I'm actually a bit impressed but as we all know trailers are notorious fibbers.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Taxes to pay for kids

As an adult who never had kids and does not want any why am I forced to pay taxes for programs for kids?
I think it's a tad unfair that someone who was able to intelligently enough hide his sperm from nefarious uses has to pay the same as someone who decides, or accidentally has multiple kids. Why am I paying taxes on school, parks, adolescent programs, child welfare programs, taxes on lazy deadbeat parents who take far to much advantage of state and federal allowances, ETC ETC!
To me if I am not utilizing these services then I should not be paying for them.
I use roads, and civil services, I will pay for those..... FUCK WHY NOT just let companies start sending me bills for products I don't own.
Here's your cable bill even though you don't have service with us, this is a courtesy bill so some other assholes kid can enjoy Nickelodeon!
NOT TO MENTION these people get way to many write offs for pumping these gremlins out. Where are my write offs?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Bass Guitar

Hair Loss - updated

Well anyone who knows me personally knows I am a vain SOB. To me, and as my good friend Jamel agrees, there is nothing wrong with vanity. I personally see vanity like bigotry; we are all vain (like bigoted) to some degree. Pride is vanity so whether your concerned with your looks, knowledge, family or things you own you are vain. There is how ever a difference between being vain and being conceded.
Growing up I was always a pretty damn good looking guy and always worked hard at my physical appearance. I worked out, ate right and dressed well (on the cheap anyway).
Well in my mid twenties the worst thing started happening hard core. I started losing my hair. This was only made worse by the fact that both my younger brother and older sister have full thick heads of hair. I shaved my head for a while and was told it looked good but believe me shaving your head has a WHOLE NEW type of maintenance that can be even more exhausting than having hair. You have to make sure its trimmed at all times, you get nasty ingrowns on your head at times, you have to make sure you trim your bows (nothing worse than a clean head and push broom brows), and for me anyway make sure your face is clean because 5 o'clock shadow didnt look good with a shaved head.
When I had a nice thick head of hair I could get away with alot more around that because you had multiple ways of styling your hair for the occasion instead of one fixed way you HAD to look.

Anyway I tried propecia but it was expensive as all hell. I have used rogain with no noticeable results and recently switched to the generic equat brand because its 1/3rd the price and has the same ingredients. I still eat right, take vitamins and work out but now Im going to try a few new things.

Im adding  a new shampoo that I have been reading about, Alpecin
Im adding a strictly B-complez/Zinc vitamin to my daily mix along with the saw palmetto.
Lastly Im going to my docs and asking for a script to Proscar. Proscar is a prostate medication that has the same effects and ingredient finasteride that propecia has but at again 1/4 the price.

I will try to update this post as time goes and let people know my progress. The fact that my siblings have great hair leads me to believe I can too and that it is hidden in my genes somewhere. They both had shit teeth which look fine now due to braces later in life so there should be no reason I can make the change too.

wish me luck.

The Darkness - Bald

Interesting article on IO9 about baldness, nice timing.