Friday, October 12, 2012

Someone tell me... (Poll at bottom) - Update, Poll crashed

Why is prostitution not legal? This country was founded and built on it and it is still everywhere like it or not, so why is it not legal?

1) It destroys homes and households/marriages!
1B) No it doesn't. If you're a wife and can't keep your guy stimulated and he ventures off then it's probably your own fault and not the hooker. It could be that your husband is sleezy as well but this again isn't the professions fault. This is your marriages fault and it would have been a miserable one regardless.

2) It creates slums and brings drugs and crime to an area!
2B) No it doesn't. If legal and permitted to certain areas such as Nevada does then it is perfectly safe and fine. Many States now have casino areas and if permitted around the lining areas of these establishments it would be highly monitored, safe, fun, and "stimulating", for the economy of course. They could even make drug tests mandatory.

3) It promotes sexual predation and possible human trafficking.
3B Well this is going to happen regardless of legal or not but at least if legal it could be monitored better. Maybe some of the individuals forced into this illegally would feel more comfortable coming forward for help if they didn't think they we're going to be arrested for doing so. Maybe with more people observant of the entire situation more outside bystanders (John's and other workers) would be able to spot a bad situation and report it. Also with the opening of a legal avenue the search for the illegal avenue might dwindle a bit making the need obsolete. Again the illegal avenue will never, ever disappear due to other variable such as tax evasion and immigration but none the less.

4) It spreads disease!
4B) EHHHHHHHHHH WRONG! Unsafe sex spreads disease and people are going to do that whether it's with a prostitute or some gutter whore for fun. At least legal we could create a system for sexual testing and mandatory showing of clean papers. Any establishment found not doing so would be fined, shut down and/or graded like a restaurant. Condoms would be mandatory and with security around if a girl was being harassed or felt unsafe with  a particular man she could just not do the job (lol job!)

5) Well let's just make all drugs, murder, rape and everything else legal! Where do we stop then?!
5A) You're an idiot, shut your mouth!

6) You're an asshole who wants nothing more than to see a good christian society crumble for your own nefarious purposes to live in a veritable Sodom and Gomorrah. 
6B) Well yes I am an asshole and do not see most good religious views as necessary for a society to function. I see logic, courtesy  and common sense as the most detrimental parts of a fully functioning society. I do not see this profession as evil, or corrupt, or destructive. These are all ways to describe "people" and bad people will do bad things regardless, so maybe if you make some parts of of what people do "not considered so bad" they won't venture into other areas of degradation. This is a way now to earn some extra cash in a stuttering economy.

I do sincerely have these two way discussions with myself daily on topics so it was actually nice to type one out. 

In case you're wondering this entire post is based off this Maine Zumba instructor who was arrested for prostitution. 
Read the article. Funny how lawyer for the John's are trying to block the names from being released lol. Well maybe this will help strengthen my case. 

Update 10/25/12
For some reason my polls all crashed out. There is honestly no way to salvage this as I dont have the data personally but as expected "yes" was pretty much the unanimous winner. Then one "I dont care".

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