Wednesday, February 27, 2013

JP Morgan Chase to slash $1 billion in costs; cut staff by 4,000 

 Please start with Dimon! Is there really a need for CEO's at this point in our business life span, they are honestly an outdated piece of the business machinery that does nothing the actual board and division managers can't do.

I realize this entire post was bold, it was a mistake but fate has decided this and it shall stay!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Malloy is a Tard,0,366674.story

"Malloy's ban would contain a "grandfather" provision enabling thousands of people who have already purchased assault weapons to keep them — but only after a new permitting process similar to the current system for pistol permits"

Whatever knock yourself out with that.

Owners of magazines holding more than 10 cartridges would have until Oct. 1 to sell them out of state, turn them in to police or permanently alter them to a capacity of 10 rounds or fewer.

You  might as well turn them in because no one is going to pay you ANYTHING since they know you HAVE to get rid of them. Aside the fact you will grandfather in AR rifles but not clips??? Douche-TARD!

"Malloy suggested "universal background checks" of anyone purchasing a gun under any circumstances, including sales between private individuals and at gun shows for which such checks are not now required."

Okay, common fucking sense if you really ask me but I bet he puffed his chest up saying this as if he thought of it himself.

"Finally, the governor said that he would ask the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, which he appointed, to examine whether gun owners should be required to carry extra insurance, whether more changes to mandatory reporting laws should be considered and whether further storage requirements are in order.
Malloy also announced a series of executive actions, many of them directing certain state agencies to prepare reports on gun-related matters. Gun shops would have to keep records of all firearms and ammunition sales."

WAIT! Im paying a "sandy hook advisory commission"?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WTF MATE! I bet its all made up of whiny liberal fuck tards. It should be half appointed by the gov and HALF NRA to be fair. Aside that the bigger issue, you want to make me pay insurance.... to keep a gun.... IN MY HOUSE?!?!?!?!?!
Is ConnectiSHIT all bout the money? Money for the state, money for insurance companies.. money for everyone BUT WHO ACTUALLY WORKED FOR IT!!!!!

Get this guy out or I'm SUING CT FOR MENTAL ANGUISH!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We used to be boys

 I mean you were once top dog, and no one could touch you. You reigned supreme on the front you started and we all loved you.
Then you started to bug out and people shyed away and some new guys popped up and started talking trash and then one by one you started getting abandoned by those you used to be tight with!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Really? REALLY!?

Financial aid sought for undocumented students in Connecticut

I'm sorry... no wait; NO I'M NOT!
I didn't get help, I have a shit load of financial aid to pay off so why should I also have to pay for undocumented students????

People seriously we had thousands of whiny morons just march the capital about "gun control" yet how many of them would get off their duffs to march for this???

I'm willing and if you are please get in contact through here and get others and lets buy the poster board, wood and start picketing!

Heres a list to email the state reps

I did, I emailed the main Andres and cc'd the others.

My letter to them? Meeeeeeeeeeh let's not overly nit pick my punctuation I was a bit angry


Under what right do you believe undocumented people should be given tax money for school when I myself had to pay my own way through? It what way do you feel this is fair to those who are fully legal and can not afford schooling. At what point does tax money paid by real legal citizens begin to be spent on the thing those who actually pay in want?
Also what planet do you live on? I will make this my goal to see that it DOES NOT pass as it is a slap in the face to everyone who has a student loan!
You are a disgust to any office. How many votes do you think this will get you when half of these people can not even legally vote? Wow you astound me and not in a good way.
Everyone who I have sent this proposal to from this article
Is appalled at what you are trying and we are now passing it on to everyone we now and asking them to email you in hopes you see just how stupid you sound with this thought process.

"State Rep. Andres Ayala, D-Bridgeport, proposes that all students eligible for in-state tuition, regardless of immigration status, receive financial aid if they need it to ensure that the system is fair and treats everyone equally."

Its not equal because they dont belong here to begin with. If I go to their country will I get food stamps, financial aid, financial support for housing, and many of the other programs being abused?


And something else to lament over at the end
Tuition to increase at state universities and colleges

Let's also fill in the Ayalas are a pretty tight group in BPT.
Look at his cousin Christina who is also an elected rep.
Arrested for Assualt
Arrested for DUI
During the entire court proceedings she was so kind to smack on gum the entire time at the judge and told the arresting officers "I am too important now to deal with you" while she drive drunk, hit a parked car with 2 children in the back.

Friday, February 15, 2013

NRA commercial

NRA goes on offensive over high-capacity magazine ban

Its not really a bad commercial and makes sense if yes just plain security can have them for celebrity protection and low level elected official protection. I also dont think this commercial is catered to the average un-gun-educated joe but more the NRA types who think the same way.
Hey Im pro choice but pro lifers would tell me Im immoral and crazy so how is their right to want to own a gun with 14 rounds any less important to them? abortions or guns depending on what insane side of the fence you sit your still killing right? Well no, its how you percieve and how badly someone with their retarded agenda wants to look like a hero to the whackos.
I am getting my permit and dont plan on owning an assualt weapon, but thats just my "choice" and I should not be pushing that on others who may want one.
In the end when people see 90% of the gun violence is in NO WAY related to Newtown style shootings and handguns are more to blame than anything then what? Ban Handguns???? How crazy would that be.
You also have to realize we have a seriosuly fragile economy right now and all you anti gun people trying to get things banned is just going to close more factories and put more people out of work. Then what?

In the end the majority of people in this country are just plain moronic and really dont think things through to the end as long as they have someone else to blame for the far worse consequences of their actions.

Can I also ask why "guns" are still being blamed on this Newtown situation.
Has ANYONE from that town looked inward and said "we knew her, we knew her son, we knew their hobby, and KNEW something wasn't right - we should have stepped in!"
I hate to be the one to actually point the obvious but really the guns aren't to blame here, it was all of you for allowing the situation to happen and not stepping in prior.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fuck your ass FROM software!

This list has the complete patch that came down with the DLC and basically turned mine and my friends characters into complete and utter shit.

Here is my list of why -not in order of list in link