Friday, February 15, 2013

NRA commercial

NRA goes on offensive over high-capacity magazine ban

Its not really a bad commercial and makes sense if yes just plain security can have them for celebrity protection and low level elected official protection. I also dont think this commercial is catered to the average un-gun-educated joe but more the NRA types who think the same way.
Hey Im pro choice but pro lifers would tell me Im immoral and crazy so how is their right to want to own a gun with 14 rounds any less important to them? abortions or guns depending on what insane side of the fence you sit your still killing right? Well no, its how you percieve and how badly someone with their retarded agenda wants to look like a hero to the whackos.
I am getting my permit and dont plan on owning an assualt weapon, but thats just my "choice" and I should not be pushing that on others who may want one.
In the end when people see 90% of the gun violence is in NO WAY related to Newtown style shootings and handguns are more to blame than anything then what? Ban Handguns???? How crazy would that be.
You also have to realize we have a seriosuly fragile economy right now and all you anti gun people trying to get things banned is just going to close more factories and put more people out of work. Then what?

In the end the majority of people in this country are just plain moronic and really dont think things through to the end as long as they have someone else to blame for the far worse consequences of their actions.

Can I also ask why "guns" are still being blamed on this Newtown situation.
Has ANYONE from that town looked inward and said "we knew her, we knew her son, we knew their hobby, and KNEW something wasn't right - we should have stepped in!"
I hate to be the one to actually point the obvious but really the guns aren't to blame here, it was all of you for allowing the situation to happen and not stepping in prior.

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