Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We used to be boys

 I mean you were once top dog, and no one could touch you. You reigned supreme on the front you started and we all loved you.
Then you started to bug out and people shyed away and some new guys popped up and started talking trash and then one by one you started getting abandoned by those you used to be tight with!

Adobe Flash what happened to you? Are you really giving in to HTML5 that easily. I know its years away before a solid replacement for you is found but even now I have a hard time sticking up for you. You crash my browser constantly causing me to refresh. I start a video and watch the ad and then like magic my browser locks up, I kill the flash process, it magically unlocks and upon a refresh I have to watch the ad again. Is this it? Are you relegated to profit on forcing us to watch twice as many ads some how?

I used to constantly regress my version back to the stable 10.1.fuckingold but now I just stopped caring because even turning auto update off doesn's stop you and then most sites require me to have your latest most unstable version.

I used to proudly tout you on my android phone and even went as far as to side load you when YOU stopped supporting yourself on it until you just because awful. Now I've learned to live without you on my phone. To the point where I wondered if I ever needed you.

I don't think you're awful just in a slump and you need to buck up and get stable again for all of us cause I'm tired of your moping and dragging us all down with you.

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