Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I wish I could write a script on a webpage that would allow you to enter your facebook login and pass and go in and auto delete your page for you safely just to be a jerk and make deleting your facebook a huge fun pop trend, but alas I am not skilled in the way of programming. I can make the page and create great ideas but could never learn scripting at all....
After being deleted it would say "You are #(your number) to use this page to delete your account, here is your certificate of freedom"

Anyone want to help?

Miss the scripps network since cutting the cord?
Even most guys won't admit it, yes we miss the Food network, I mean WHO DOESN'T like Giada, that cutie, or Chopped.

In fact most guy don't even know Travel Channel is part of the same network.
Well Today I found

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


First you increase the cost to 100$, which I would deal with BUT NOW you remove ALL your Prime eligible shows from Travel, Food Network and DIY!?

Sorry but without these shows I can't see your service being worth it at all. Can someone fill me in since Amazon Prime has ZERO in the way of contact info.

I used to love to click on Travel for Dead Files or Ghost Adventures but wtf... did you lose all the rights? I can only hope Scripps is dropping Prime to follow suit with A&E and History to create full fledged Roku channels with advertising for us cord cutters!

To be honest Prime sucks out loud. Most of the 2 days shipping is useless and the video on demand stinks. Aside Vikings there isn't anything and their setup sucks. I can't see why they dont use the HULU and Netflix UI where you see the show then select that for the seasons. Instead they leave all the seasons in the main UI page cluttering it up to make it look like they have more of a selection.


Well did a chat with support and officially they lost the rights to those networks. Prime streaming is officially the WORST available now.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

God's cruelest joke on man


Bears, the only creature on this green earth that look JUST as cute grown as they do as cubs.
They sit there like big fat doughy eyed imbeciles just waiting for you to pet their bellies then "RHAAAAAAA" they're ripping out your intestines while you scream in pain.

WHY WHY WHY God did you not make them get uglier as they got bigger like EVERY other animal on the planet, why must you taunt us with the desire to always want to be cuddle buddies with the Bear, the ANIMAL the bear, not the gay slang (cause I did see that one coming)!

oh just ADORABLE!

"Come pet my belly, and I'll share my honey with you uh derp derp"


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dark Souls 2 (ps3?)

This is NOT a review. After the abysmal time I had with Dark Souls 1 I'm overly hesitant to purchase 2. I LOVED Demons Souls and played through it about 30 times. Some how though Dark Souls failed miserably to catch the same spark.... some how? Oh NO never mind it was the HORRID online. I have a review of the game somewhere in this so Im not going to delve into its awful coop system, and glitchy/laggy PVP but all in all I have not lost faith this one could be good.

I read reviews and they are of course all good with praises abound but still this is what happened with one. Everyone talked about how great "the game" was and pushed it leaving out the fact the online was so broken. I feel these reviews are pulling the same shenanigans. I have not read ONE review where someone talks about the online yet. Are they hiding something?

Can ANYONE out there let me know if the online is better in this game because personally playing the game offline is a very droll experience. I liked jumping on with another person and having a good time, like sex. Okay by yourself, BETTER with another.

Are the timed summons an issue?
Are Invasions timed as well, cause I hate how an invader will just hide in enemies forever and run.
Is the summon time 5 or 30 minutes?
Will your summoned help actually be banished during a boss fight or can they stay for that? I would not want help or me helping to be banished during a boss fight to lose the souls I should have earned.
I've read enemies don't respawn after staying at a fire any more. Is this true?