Tuesday, March 25, 2014


First you increase the cost to 100$, which I would deal with BUT NOW you remove ALL your Prime eligible shows from Travel, Food Network and DIY!?

Sorry but without these shows I can't see your service being worth it at all. Can someone fill me in since Amazon Prime has ZERO in the way of contact info.

I used to love to click on Travel for Dead Files or Ghost Adventures but wtf... did you lose all the rights? I can only hope Scripps is dropping Prime to follow suit with A&E and History to create full fledged Roku channels with advertising for us cord cutters!

To be honest Prime sucks out loud. Most of the 2 days shipping is useless and the video on demand stinks. Aside Vikings there isn't anything and their setup sucks. I can't see why they dont use the HULU and Netflix UI where you see the show then select that for the seasons. Instead they leave all the seasons in the main UI page cluttering it up to make it look like they have more of a selection.


Well did a chat with support and officially they lost the rights to those networks. Prime streaming is officially the WORST available now.

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