Friday, January 31, 2014

Net neutrality....... and the selling out of our rights by our system, and the double standards.

Anyone who has followed Aereo knows the promise and usefulness of its offerings. It is basically an antenna able to catch all your local OTA stations through your internet.

Well not really. Its an antenna rented through Aereo you put on your house that transmits your local OTA channels from their station that is in the PRIME location to your house. Basically redirected LIVE through your ISP.

Well the broadcast companies don't like this idea.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Supernatural - suggestion

Has a "Slasher" ever been a monster of the week on this show?
I think that would be awesome.
A Jason or Mike Meyers. They shoot him he gets up, they run hes like 2 steps behind just walking. They cant figure out why they keep falling and dropping their keys when trying to get through doors......
Im sure they could make some mythology about this, like a damned vengeance demon inhabiting a corpse of a hockey player or welder.

Heard it here first. I actually had Mythbusters take my suggestion off their forum once. It was the whirlpool episode.

Fantasy Football

I don't watch sports, never did. Everyone is shocked when it comes to fantasy football time  at work everyone is surprised I have ZERO desire to get in.

THIS is how I view your fantasy football!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Oldie but goody!

The Last Action Hero

If you have never watched this movie take the time to sit and do it.
When it was released in 1993 I was 13.
I remember thinking it was literally the BEST Arnold movie ever, possibly one of the best story pieces I ever saw.
You can't look at it as an action movie, you have to go in KNOWING it's making fun of the action genre and it's outlandish possibilities.
It takes a John Mclean type character and humanizes him to his lowest point.
I think I'm going to watch this this week again, I really think this should be a top spot for anyone wanting to see something new.

PLUS it has one of the COOLEST bad guys and bad guy speeches EVER!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hey Texas, You're Gross!

“Even at this early stage, the lower extremities are deformed to the extent the gender cannot be determined,” the statement says.
In addition the statement says the fetus has swelling of the brain — “hydrocephalus” — as well as a possible heart problem."

So this guys wife is dead but you must force her to stay alive zombiefied so he will be stuck with some strange alien baby.....?

Hey Texas, you're fucking gross!

Reminds me of the baby in Dawn of the Dead

Monday, January 13, 2014

DO NOT BUY AN OUYA! - Update 1/15/2014 "Kay maybe buy an OUYA"

So after creating another help ticket and explaining my situation I got my buddies rep Jeff. I Included my friend's RMA number and info (with his permission of course) to prove my case and my controller is in New Jersey and on it's way.
Let's see if this fixes my lag/sync issues.


So since the day after Christmas I have been dealing with OUYA support over a controller swap because the lag on my system is SO bad its near unusable. From a mere 7 feet away I have to get up every TEN MINUTES to stand next to my system so the controller can communicate with the device and stop lagging.

I have been repeatedly told by my assigned rep Chris Green I have ZERO ETA on a swap and they are out of stock and their shippers are behind.

Meanwhile my close friend Jamel has his controller on the way. He started his RMA process almost a WEEK after me.

His rep Jeff seems to be on the ball.


My system is hard wired, direct line of site, and laying on its side! All these steps reduce the lag but when you are in a game and your character starts wildly flailing about and disobeying your inputs then you know the hardware is just bad.

I could use my PS3 controller but then I have re sync with the ps3 every time I use that.
I have already purchased games and software for this otherwise it would be returned to target.

OUYA support is abysmal and the fact everything is done through email and there is no contact number is just horrid.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Seat Belts

I decided to make this survey to get some real answers from people about the seat belt laws in effect.

I personally believe they are unjust. While I personally wear one and do believe statistically they save more lives than take I do not feel the government has a right to impose them on the public at fear of financial persecution.

I do honestly think more people wear seat belts simply out of conditioning or fear of a ticket than actual safety.

Now I do believe anyone under 18 should have to wear them and you should legally have to buckle your kids, though if you are a grown adult you can decide your fate yourself and deal with any consequences that may come should you end up in an accident. There in if you are paralyzed or hurt in any way and a seat belt could have prevented that then you are in no way able to sue for damages sustained and can in no way use public benefits to help your self.

Anyway please full out this survey and pass it along.


Seat Belt Survey

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I just ejaculated in my PANTS!


So this x-mas I got another nice gift.

BOTH A&E and History added on channels to the ROKU streaming box!

Now some of the material is of course locked unless you have an account with a cable provider, BUT much of it is still open and rotating.

To me this is a HUGE step in the direction I want to see this going in.

If these stations get a good reaction from us roku viewers and see it as profitable to stream commercials to us through the device then it will open doors to further programming from these stations and many other finally breaking the chains of cable and coming to the new age of cord cutters!

This is the true al la carte service.

Me and the little lady went on a nice "First 48" binge for 2 days just loving it!


In all honesty these were two of my favorite stations even before this. I LOVE the history channel, and if Discovery would come to the Dark Side I would be like a pig in shit...... corny, runny, fragrant shit!

If you have a Roku player PLEASE download these two network channels and EMAIL them to say thank you and show your support!

this page has both A&E and History contact info!

PLEASE support this!

My email to them