Friday, January 31, 2014

Net neutrality....... and the selling out of our rights by our system, and the double standards.

Anyone who has followed Aereo knows the promise and usefulness of its offerings. It is basically an antenna able to catch all your local OTA stations through your internet.

Well not really. Its an antenna rented through Aereo you put on your house that transmits your local OTA channels from their station that is in the PRIME location to your house. Basically redirected LIVE through your ISP.

Well the broadcast companies don't like this idea.

They basically say Aereo is reselling their product to you without paying for rights.
Well technically that is wrong. They are renting you equipment that allows you to receive OTA already free channels you normally could not due to your location.

I cut the cord a year ago now and have been watching this product and its war since it started. For us we live near the water. We have the ability to catch about 3 channels OTA with our antenna. The ONE channel she wants is FOX for her american Idol live.

We would be willing to pay fox a few bucks a month for access to it LIVE on their ROKU station but they do not allow this. They make you go through your cable provider. So thats 25$ a month for your local stations and the need for their boxes attacked.... I mean attached to your TV using your power.

We could not take that anymore when we ditched Comcast. Our bill went from 60$ a month for digital starter TV and 3mb (YES THREE MEGABYTES) down. It was fair and tolerable though. Then it spiked to 140$ a month and we gave them a big finger. We now pay 45$ a month for 6mbps down and it works well enough for two people.

I ended actually getting HULU as well though because I actually like it on my PS3 and wanted to support this prospect even though they are partially owned by comcast and its evil monopoly....

THANKS Meredith Attwell Baker... you awful sellout cunt. I hope you get cunt cancer (which would probably attack your mouth) and DIE. Then I hope its contagious and takes out ALL your direct family as to completely wipe out your lineage! Man this write up took an odd turn.

Anyway we realized we used Netflix, youtube and HULU (cough and torrent) way more to watch TV shows than we ever got to see them live and decided to cancel cable.

Well enough about ME.

I want aereo, its the next step in the direction of not needing a company like comcast anymore. Yet Comcast does not want to transmit it through their system and with the new banishment of our last piece of consumer protection, that legendary magic known once as Net Neutrality, they now have the power to say "nope".
You see what I find seriously perplexing though is that Comcast will fight Aereo saying they don't pay retransmit fees.

YET, in no way did Comcast "invent" the internet. It was developed by tax dollars by the US government for our national security during times of war. Also In no way does comcast actually own the land, poles, or even equipment that the internet is transmitted through. I mean they kind of do but in the event a provider is booted from an area it become eminent domain of that area. At least that's how I remember it from working at Cablevision.

So technically speaking the Providers are using their equipment to charge you to run a product the country paid to create with NO redistribution fees?
Sounds kind of like a double standard to me, but maybe YOU can fill me in a bit more.

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