Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why don't we hear more about this here?


All you ever hear is the horror stories of the Cartels, but really why is this not more prevalent in the news as well?

are the US and Mexican government afraid we as freedom loving citizens would begin to support these groups and aid them ourselves? Are they afraid these groups if powerful enough could in the end basically usurp the Mexican government and actually begin to make the country a safe feasable place to live?

I think Mr Jose Manuel Mireles is as close to an "American Hero" (was recently in a plane crash) as anyone can get and I salute him for taking a stand with his people and creating a group that stop the kidnapping and rape of innocent pre teen girls.

"The gang killed those who could not pay, and more recently they began taking daughters and wives and even elderly women in lieu of “payment.”
“They kidnapped my sisters. They tried to kill my wife and my children. And when they started going into the schools and taking the baby girls, 11-year-olds, 12-year-olds, that was my breaking point,” said Mireles, who has four daughters and has treated many rape victims in his clinic. “We have a lot of anger.”
I hope in the possible void that is created should the worst happen to Mr Mireles only the best of outcomes concludes. I hope this group gets stronger and more prideful and those FEW good and honest soldiers in the Mexican Military see this and drop their loyalties to the government command and realize it's time for some SERIOUS change there.

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