Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Seat Belts

I decided to make this survey to get some real answers from people about the seat belt laws in effect.

I personally believe they are unjust. While I personally wear one and do believe statistically they save more lives than take I do not feel the government has a right to impose them on the public at fear of financial persecution.

I do honestly think more people wear seat belts simply out of conditioning or fear of a ticket than actual safety.

Now I do believe anyone under 18 should have to wear them and you should legally have to buckle your kids, though if you are a grown adult you can decide your fate yourself and deal with any consequences that may come should you end up in an accident. There in if you are paralyzed or hurt in any way and a seat belt could have prevented that then you are in no way able to sue for damages sustained and can in no way use public benefits to help your self.

Anyway please full out this survey and pass it along.


Seat Belt Survey

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