Friday, January 10, 2014

Study - How Women Really Feel About a Bare Head

Im sorry I found this

I mean I read it and while the attempt at comfort is "nice" it falls flat on the ONE BIG LINE.

"Most of these smart, stylish women in their 40s, 50s and 60s" (Smart = fugly, Stylish = fat but covers it well with clothes, 40's 50's and 60's = WELL 40's 50's and 60's)

WHO THE **** wants a woman in their 40's +????? I mean for fun and not some weird bet.

Do this same poll with women in their 20's and 30's, you know the ones guys WANT TO ****!
Men care about their hair because its a feature to get LAID, like peacock (cock) feathers, or a Lions Mane, and Im sorry but the ONLY guys looking to plow saggy boobed, greying (possibly balding) fat, out of shape 40's+ women are guys who are probably in their FIFTIES PLUS!

A young guy is not out there scoping out silver foxes, I mean unless he has some kind of fetish, or I guess losing his hair and looks like he is in his 50's already at 27. I mean my GF was actually in her 30's when we met. Shes in her 40's now, and WHEW sex has taken a downward spiral into the dark side, but man was she SMOKING when we met. Would she have talked to me with a NW7? NOOOOOOOOOOPE! No matter what she says the answer is NOPE! And I know this because I know her taste in men and she would be a GOD DAMNED LIAR if she denied it and she knows it.

IN FACT I dont doubt all these women who love "their bald man" in the article got him because he settled cause he was losing HIS HAIR!

These articles kind of piss me off a bit because its putting a band aid on how the man feels when his competitive edge is gone. When his self esteem is now barren. Most guys worried about losing their hair ARE NOT 40+. Those guys have LOST their hair, the guys worried are 35-, the ones still out there trying to get some brisket. You are basically telling them hey don't worry, you'll be fine in your 50's with a smorgasbord of fat, classy, caddy old hens.... WOOOOOOOOOOO HAAAAA LIFE IS GOOD!

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