Monday, August 26, 2013

Fuck you fat people!

Like 4 people at my job and a few others I know can get their weight loss surgeries covered by their health insurance.... fantastic for them! Its good to know you can eat like a fucking pig and turn into a disgusting non walkable slob and my premiums will rise because you all of a sudden see what a disgusting mess you have turned into and then decide you want to take the shortcut out and get surgery... THIS IS STILL COSMETIC!

I recently went for a hair transplant consult due to the fact that minox does NOTHING and although propecia gave me hair it also gave me awful, physically painful side effects.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Only Racist when it's white on black....

So as many stories like this pop up it's only racist when it's white on black.

The baseball player who was shot by 3 teens who openly hated white people..... nah that's not racist!
God forbid it was reversed, man that would be hate crime hysteria.

Why is it the government, media and people (liberal people) only see hate when it's white on WHOEVER. For some reason there is this inept fear of acusing black people of hate crimes.
This can go all the way back to the Fat Nick story.

Please sign my White House petition so the killers in both this and the Chris Lane case are tried as hate crimes.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Thing I hate today

Every time I see "hehe" in an IM chat I hope that person dies a slow feral dog mauling.
LOL is acceptable as a sarcastic accentuation but "hehe" just means you are retarded.