Monday, August 26, 2013

Fuck you fat people!

Like 4 people at my job and a few others I know can get their weight loss surgeries covered by their health insurance.... fantastic for them! Its good to know you can eat like a fucking pig and turn into a disgusting non walkable slob and my premiums will rise because you all of a sudden see what a disgusting mess you have turned into and then decide you want to take the shortcut out and get surgery... THIS IS STILL COSMETIC!

I recently went for a hair transplant consult due to the fact that minox does NOTHING and although propecia gave me hair it also gave me awful, physically painful side effects.

This is an area of my life that has cause me massive depression since high school. I was a great looking guy with a full head of hair who did everything he could to hold it. This turned me into a maniac because I KNEW keeping it was fruitless since my genetically defunct, idiot father lost his so early.
Im 33 years old now and my hair is getting so thin so fast its turning my life into a horrid mess. My personal, professional, romantic, mental and physical life is deteriorating away so fast that Im border line just trying to find a limb strong enough to hang myself from.
I tried the shaved head and its awful.
"Oh but its so much less work".... NO ITS NOT
Do you know the effort it takes to make your face seem at all appealing because its ALL people see now. Constantly doing your eyebrows and shaving and being sure you dont have 5'oclock head shadow or ingrowns up there.
"Just accept your fate".... fantastic, IF I didn't have a brother who has the most perfect head of hair in the world.
At one time me and him could go out and get equal attention from the oppisite sex. Now its apparent they have zero interest in me and swarm to him.
I beg for a fucking brain aneurism every day.

I work out constantly, eat nothing but healthy foods, take impeccable care of myself and NEVER go to the doctors... yet the one aspect of my life that is literally killing me from the inside out I can't get the insurance companies I pay into to even help me a little bit. Yet anyone who let themselves turn into fat, disgusting, lazy slobs can say "oh I don't want to have a heart attack" and then BAM your in surgery. A fucking Drug addict can go into rehab on the dime of  me, woman who have had breast cancer can get reconstructive surgery on their insurance (this is one I can agree with, but see it as a viable example). Why can people like fatso and drug addicts make awful choices and get financial help with their personal issues yet just like a cancer a person's (male or female) hair could destroy their personal self image and they get no help.

Im tired of hearing from people about finding true love, and someone to love you as you and just love yourself as god made you... fuck you, fuck your horrible story book beliefs and fuck your shitty hair hating god!
People like looking at decent looking people. I spend a lot of time in the gym and running and watching my diet to be appealing and knowing this massive aspect of my life is there is turning me into a monster. I want nothing more than to see everyone with great hair get caught in horrible fire accidents.

Heres a great story. Talking with my boss once she told me she dyes her hair. I told her I would have never known. Im salt and pepper (with whats left) and told her I never had an interest in dying my hair, in fact I love the grey. She said her husband is the same way except the day he lost his job. They dyed his hair that day because they knew a man with grey hair had no chance in the job market.

Hearing this made my stomach crash. Knowing I would be in my mid 30's and be both grey and bald made me want to walk out of work, into traffic and let a truck hit me head on. I was never truly this miserable. I was always an asshole, but never this miserable, well about my appearance anyway. I have always been a fighter and constantly struggle to get anywhere. Im tired now. Im tired of everything. I honestly thought once again I could rest after refinancing my house and finally just live a little of my life happily and enjoy myself. Yet in the last 2 years so much of my hair has fallen out its awful. I can see when people look up, I see when girls turn away, and worse off I can see when Im out with my brother and they check him out but snub me.
"Well those are the girls you dont want anyway"
REALLY WHY!? Because they are hot?
Okay so I should just meet some fatty who will love me for me, UNTIL she gets her insurance to pay for lap band, gets self esteem and starts fucking all my friends with hair!

I dont think insurance should pay for everything but if they wont pay for certain things then they shouldn't pay for anything.
If you get hooked on drugs, or get fat then you suck it up, get fixed on your dime or die. Even if people with this issue (the cancer that is hair loss) got a little help from their insurance it could go a long way, but hey why should we get help when we live in the laziest, fattest nation in the world where stomach surgery gets tossed around like ibuprofen 600!

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