Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Miss the scripps network since cutting the cord?
Even most guys won't admit it, yes we miss the Food network, I mean WHO DOESN'T like Giada, that cutie, or Chopped.

In fact most guy don't even know Travel Channel is part of the same network.
Well Today I found

This is Scripps own all in one online station which seems to house many of their shows PLUS some online only content for people looking to get their own shows started.

Give it a shot.

I think this is the perfect kind of Scripps channel the Roku needs, so I emailed the site on it to get info.

Let's see if I get a response!

This is a great site and the content is just the kind of stuff my wife misses since cutting the cord a year+ ago. Me and many of my friends have dropped cable in lue of Hulu, Netflix and Amazon (which used to have your content) but still miss your channels. This fills in a huge gap.

One question though, have you ever thought of placing this channel on streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromcast, etc?
Recently History and A&E have placed their content on the ROKU with commercials and it is great for those of us who miss the content without the HIGH cable prices. 
Many people would love to see this available to them even with the commercials. 
Thank You


  1. did you ever get a response? I would love to see this on Roku

  2. Actually did as a matter of fact and though they were very polite they did say no plans as of yet, but who knows.
    We need more cord cutters to push for this type of thing so get friends on board and keep harassing them for sport.... I mean support!

  3. There is an XBMC addon but I haven't decided if I want to take the plunge with XBMC yet.

    1. Yes, I used XBMC on my PI for a bit. Its really nice. Def needs a slightly more powerful machine but worth a try.
      There may be a Ulive "playon" addon as well, never thought of that.

    2. I'm running a vortexbox (fedora distro) so no playon for me. I may give my mom one of my Roku 2XS and check out an android box. If I could put XBMC on a 360 then it would be problem solved for one TV.

  4. never actually heard of it, looks a bit like boxee.
    Seems nice.
    Since my GF is not so technical Rokus work the best for us and are pretty 3rd party friendly.

    I have an OUYA, and a PS3 as well I use for various streaming. The XBMC on OUYA is actually very nice and people don't give that little box enough credit.

    If you ever get a chance check out my friend and I's little podcast, we talk bout cord cutting and options once in a while.

    You have to have a pretty "open" sense of humor as it can be a bit vulgar lol, but then again read a few of my posts here and you'll get a sense.

    If you can follow us on google plus and Ill reciprocate :)

    thanks again for posting,

  5. Cool, I'll check out the podcast. I cut the cord a while ago but I recently started paying for basic so I could get HBO. I got a Tablo for the DVR though. It's pretty easy to use and they're gonna add a Plex channel so that will be nice.


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