Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dark Souls 2 (ps3?)

This is NOT a review. After the abysmal time I had with Dark Souls 1 I'm overly hesitant to purchase 2. I LOVED Demons Souls and played through it about 30 times. Some how though Dark Souls failed miserably to catch the same spark.... some how? Oh NO never mind it was the HORRID online. I have a review of the game somewhere in this so Im not going to delve into its awful coop system, and glitchy/laggy PVP but all in all I have not lost faith this one could be good.

I read reviews and they are of course all good with praises abound but still this is what happened with one. Everyone talked about how great "the game" was and pushed it leaving out the fact the online was so broken. I feel these reviews are pulling the same shenanigans. I have not read ONE review where someone talks about the online yet. Are they hiding something?

Can ANYONE out there let me know if the online is better in this game because personally playing the game offline is a very droll experience. I liked jumping on with another person and having a good time, like sex. Okay by yourself, BETTER with another.

Are the timed summons an issue?
Are Invasions timed as well, cause I hate how an invader will just hide in enemies forever and run.
Is the summon time 5 or 30 minutes?
Will your summoned help actually be banished during a boss fight or can they stay for that? I would not want help or me helping to be banished during a boss fight to lose the souls I should have earned.
I've read enemies don't respawn after staying at a fire any more. Is this true?


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