Thursday, October 6, 2011

App I like

I have used this app since day one and shared it with everyone I know. It is probably my utter most appreciated app in either Apple/Android market and I use it ALL THE TIIIIIIIIIIME.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Joke of the day (but not every day)

A girl came skipping home from school one day. 

Dark Souls - PS3 (UPDATE - 10/7/11 NOT HAPPY!)

Well after beating through Demons Souls about 10 times and letting it collect dust the "spiritual successor", which I think is a fancy way of saying "all the stuff we wanted to do the first time" is out.

Let me tell you I loved Demons Souls and so far LOOOOOVE this one too. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is superb and the ultimate feeling of isolation the game presents is only parred by its predecessor. I have yet to play online but from reading am lead to believe it is very similar to the first game.

Story wise the game retains the simple partially narrated cinematic as the first one. Your character is a simple no body, no literally a no-body. Your called an Undead and in this world undeads are corralled and sent to a prison to finish rotting away until madness sets. For some reason "luck" chooses your character to receive a key and way out of the prison. Where the first game had it's "Nexus" This game supports players with bonfires. Coming across a bonfire allows the players to save and heal. The downside is after your heal every enemy on the board respawns. This sounds a lot harder than it is since most enemies will always die the same  they did before and it technically allows you to easily farm souls. Also let me give you a tip. Its worth saving and healing at every fire regardless of respawning enemies, cause losing collected souls SUCKS out loud. Yes if you die your souls then drop on the floor, then you have one chance to go recover them BUT if you die again they are gone for good off to "fuck you land". By staying at the bonfire you ensure a MUCH shorter trip to your lost souls.
All in all this game will have me hooked as much if not more than the first and I officially had my first hissy fit after loosing 2500 souls last night to my overtired ness letting me walk into a pit twice.

Update 10/7/11: I have now learned of the games completely BROKEN coop system. I will be putting more details about it soon but for now I am deciding on bringing the game back. If you are unhappy with the online system please leave your info here and consider this a petition to the devs and maybe even arrange some mass game returns all at once.