Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back of the line; No online play for you!

You know I am getting tired of game creators whining about how much they are losing with used game sales. Its a good thing I'm getting older and video games don't interest me like they used to because I THRIVED on used games since I was/am just scraping by. I mean I am DYING to play Infamous 2 but just cant bring myself to pay 60$ for an 8 hour romp of forgetfulness.

Now EA tried this one time online pass feature to play your game online and gamers went into an uproar. The Devs and publishers say its to push you to buy their games new instead of waiting for a used copy.
My theory is if your waiting for a used copy its NOT to save 5$. Your waiting until the game is available for 20 - 25$ and by that time the servers are abandoned and on limited time anyway, so really are you actually getting one over on the game makers or just trying to save some cash?

What is this type of program going to do to game rentals? This is another area of business that the publishers are now destroying. So its okay for YOU to wreck a business model but god forbid you adjust to a changing consumer society. To be honest I see their desire to need the cash to keep a server up and running but at the same time games are pricey. If you are offering constant changing online content then by all means charge for that and use the money to run the servers. If your game is good people will buy it. I bought a used Lost planet 2 last year for 25$ and KILLED the online with my friends and STILL bought the extra content they had up. So they did make something from the used game sale.

I have a great idea as well. Why don't the game developers start offering their OWN online game trade ins and used sales?

More than anything I'm disappointed in you Sony, I expected better ESPECIALLY after the entire PSN hack debacle. Thank god I never played the first 2 resistances so I have NO desire to touch this.

NOW one last question. What happens to those on XBOX Live when other publishers want to start using their own activation codes for online play? Do you now have to spend the extra money on a game code and XBOX Live service? I remember when EA did it Live players were not happy. Anyone with Live let me know please.

Are developers fighting used games sales the right way with locking out online play


  1. This is nothing new. Almost all new games come with an Activation code to enable online play. If you buy the game new than its not big deal if you buy the game used its still no big deal. The cost for online play is usually between 5-10 dollars. I honestly do not see any really issue with this. The games it effects usually are games that have a year release cycle like COD:BO. So buying used is really only saving you about 5 bucks. Mss effect 2 had a similar system. The online pass was 5 dollars and that was the price difference between new and used.

  2. Yo Yamel I see your logic but as stated in my post I was more concerned with buying a game for 25$ cheaper not 5. More people buy used games later in its lifespan then in the first few weeks. So if I think I'm getting a deal for 25$ then have to pay 10$ for an online activation then I would be a bit annoyed.
    Its still forcing you to propose buying new since that 5$ difference will still be there. This semi creates an unreal devaluation of game prices. I see the next wall street bubble coming! RUN


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