Monday, July 18, 2011

Hall Pass - DVD

Rented this from Red Box Saturday night and have to say it was pretty good.

Again Jason S. plays the same titty hungry sex fiend but he does it so well, can you blame him? He really made this movie from his desperate attempts to getting laid ANYWHERE to his less than discrete masturbation scene.

I will say I HATE Owen Wilson and have ever since I first saw him in "The Haunting". He always has this same "Im so good looking, lovable and trendy" smirk on his face BUT YOUR NOT. Hes annoying and has an oddly crooked nose. But on the other hand I do like Luke Wilson (Old School still rocks).

The English buddy in this film had me cracking up, ESPECIALLY if you wait until after the credits there is a 1 minute scene that just makes the film.

The movie is slightly predictable, a bit raunchy, which to me is fine but did we really need the 10" black cock scene; REALLY? Now Im no homo/phobe and a dong can be as funny as anything but it just served no purpose. Also it ended on a tad more of a emotional note than I wanted for this film but still Jason took that mushiness and brought it right back to the selfish humor I love (fake chow lol). Again I will not write a plot line so just IMDB it or trust me. It's a fucking dollar at red box.

rate it

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