Friday, July 29, 2011

Shadows of the Damned PS3/360 - update 8/1 game completed

 K I am going on record stating that I am not a Sudo51 fan per say. I did try No more heroes, to never get passed the first bored because mainly it was just annoying on the WII. I also never played Killer 7 but MAY just pick it up after this game.

I am about 3/4 through the game I believe and it's a fucking BLAST. The visuals are amazing the story is just cornily GREAT and Garcia Hotspur is the fuckin MAN! He literally kicks Dante to the curb as the most bad ass Demon Hunter.
Some people will say this game was "ewww full of way to much penis humor" but fucking C'MON its a grind house style flick game. It's meant to be violent, gory and phallic to the core, and if you can drop your moral compass when you boot your system of preference (mine is PS3) you will have a great time with this game.
I will say the basic premise is a demon Lord kidnaps your woman and drags her to hell. You as a bad ass hunter decide you will get her back and accompanied by Johnson (first penis joke out the way), your shape shifting demon side kick, you venture to the land of the dead to retrieve yo bitch.
In the way of gameplay its just like Resident Evil 4 with a few extra boosts. Like any other game there is a leveling system by collecting fucking rubies, terds, coins, souls ETC (in this case gems) that enemies drop and you find along the way. You also gain weaponry levels as you defeat major bosses, in good mega man fashion and there is a wide variety of game-play styles you switch up on from time to time.

The way the descriptions are threaded out about the rules of the Underworld and it's inhabitants is just crazy and makes you want to know MORE. One thing I will say is I hope further into the game Johnson is explained because they have said nothing other than he's a banished/cursed demon who turns into guns for Garcia and craved for freedom. I would LOVE to know his history more.

This game can probably be beaten in a few hours on normal if you want to rent it. I will say so far it has NO new game+ and no other form of replay so dishing out 50 to 60 bucks is not recommended.  But definitely find a way to play it. The presentation of the land of the dead alone is worth the time both graphically and creatively.

The ONLY negative things I find, which could be related to the 360 only since thats the copy I was able to get is the controls can be finicky. Sometimes I press to aim and he just shoots. I go to select which health type I want my default to be and he decides he wants one even if I have full health (but honestly so far on normal the game gives more than enough health and ammo), and I wish the behind the back view was pulled out a TAD more. sometimes its tough to see enemies because your back takes up 3/4 of the screen. This never turns into a constant problem because enemies literally just march at you face first and really never come from behind unless your in the middle of the room, but even then you can d0 a roll move that makes you pretty much untouchable until your in a clear place. Also the game is a bit overly linear. If there was a little more exploration it would be nice and perhaps make it last a bit longer.

There is no number rating or poll here because the description says enough. But if you have played it then please let me know what you think. I'm at the opera singer Justine's level right now so when I am done Ill try to put my final thoughts up too.

Well finished the Game and have to stick with my review. The ending was awesome and left a sequel open, but who's to say if it will ever come (IE Splatterhouse remake!). Wish the game had new game+ because i would love to replay but have no desire to just do the EXACT same thing. One of the best games I've played in a LONG time though.
                               "What do you mean my game is no worth 60$ you punta?!"

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