Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Horrible Bosses

Saw it last night and have to say it was pretty funny. I'm also going to say I payed matinee prices and I don't think it would have been full price funny.
 Im a comedy fan of all three guys in the film. Love Bateman and his dryness (since the arrested dev days),  Sudeikis is the only funny guy on SNL and I'm a HUGE Always Sunny fan with Charlie being my fav on the group.
I will say watching Charlie Day play his role really did feel like watching Charlie on It's Always Sunny though, right down to his screw up hiring a hit man, but I guess if it aint broke don't fix it. 
For the Villians, Spacey was the perfect Sociopath company president, Jennifer Aniston looked amazing (with very little poo face surprisingly) and played the sexually harassing nut slut perfectly, and Colin Farrell pulled his character off amazingly. I have a new respect for CF after watching him in this role.
To be honest though even a matinee of 16$ for two tix kind of had me debating on whether I should have waited for video but if you don't get out often and want to catch a comedy it might JUST cross the line of worth it. 
One good thing is we got a pair of freebie tix because right next door Transformers was playing and the damn battle scenes were literally echoing into our theater so in the end after using those it will be like we paid 8$ for 2 tix. God I'm cheap.
Aside Jamie fox being in it there weren't to many negatives on the film, the chemistry between the 3 friends was great, almost on par with Wolf Pack Hangover chemistry and there were points where you know some of the Jokes may have even been improv which is something I love and the humor was very edgy which gives a much more realistic feel to it.
My two favorite comedies of all time, like 5 out of 5 comedy, are Naked Gun and 40 Yr Old Virgin. IF they are 5 of 5 then I would say this is a high 3.5 teetering 4. Check it out.

How would you have rated it

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