Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Debt Ceiling?

Someone please explain to me the problem with raising taxes on the wealthy? I have not comprehended how removing their tax breaks stifles employment in the country. 
 To me I would think it creates jobs.  Lower middle class taxes and increase upper class taxes and then the larger population (middle class) has more spending cash to buy products and services wealthy business owners and corporations sell. Is it that middle class people don’t buy things? Honestly they are the largest consumer group in the nation/world.
Yes you can say “well increasing their taxes hurts their bottom line and they have to lay people off to compensate”. That’s bull to me. That excuse is basically a threat and that’s it.
I honestly don’t even believe this entire debt ceiling BS for a minute. Obama and Boner (Boehner) has already made a decision and are going to push it through at the last minute. They are using this smoke and mirror debate to cloud the citizen’s minds into an even more pliable pile of mush. “Get them afraid and against each other and they won’t go against us!”
Politics is professional wrestling at this point. Were about one presidential term from scripted story lines (unless we’re not already there).

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