Monday, July 25, 2011

Insidious - DVD

Okay, Thank god red box is a buck!

 I don't get why people are praising this movie as the new exorcist cause it pretty much stinks out loud. the premise of the movie was interesting and the beginning started off with promise but about 1/3 of the way through it falls apart and doesn't come back together.
I'm huge into scary/horror (not torture porn horror but real horror) and this was just corny.


The demon was a mix of interesting and original to just too hard an attempt to create a movie villian.
Lin Shaye was a bit corny and will ALWAYS be the gross Land Lady from Kingpin.... I LOVE Kingpin!
The entire end scene with the dad looking for his son in the ghost realm looked like it took all 50$ to create with 45$ of that spent in dry ice.
The other ghosts were not at all scary but more or less comical and the fact that the living in the real world actually held off ghost coming into their home by barricading the closet WITH A DRESSER just made my jaw drop. They are ghost, they can walk through walls! How do you lock ghosts in a closet?

Movie was awful

Was Insidious insidious?

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