Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Redistration Idea

So many people want to change the gun laws again after the Newtown Shooting. I see where people think this is a good idea and that it will solve violent gun related death but those people to me are forgetting one serious issue here. The last two shootings that happened were by seriously mentally ill people.
So instead of attacking gun owners and forcing them to change and go under new scrutiny why aren't we forcing people with mental disabilities to change?
Someone had a discussion with me and said all guns should have to be yearly registered and inspected like a car. To me that is stupid. There are way to many varibles and ways the states or country could turn that into a cash cow to financially rape you.
I have a better idea

We make mentally handicapped (crazy people not down syndrome) people have to be registered and inspected every year. If you are known to have some kind of mental disability which could "possibly" fall into the range of dangerous then you are monitored. Give them all ankle bracelets I don't care. To me if you're willing to start chastising gun owners and people who legally carry then go all the way and cover all dangers. Convicts and ex cons as well. I say we GPS chip them and keep them monitored.
Non American you say?
It's not the guns that are the issue it's the people and people need to be watched not the inanimate object that extends from them. Hell let's just ban all computers to stop child pornography then. K maybe that was a bad example but you get my point.
If you are a parent with a mentally disabled child. One with psychosis, schizophrenia, massive depression, violent tendencies, etc etc then you need to register that child and he needs to be monitored. If your an adult with the same issues then you need to register yourself and go in for regular checkups. Should you abandon those checks then you are put away. Time to go back to the 20's and 30's I guess.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Um It's not the NRA's fault people

I don't quite understand why people are so obsessed with the NRA?  Did the NRA go in the school and shoot the kids? Even if the mom was a member (I honestly don't know if she was or not) it doesn't mean the organization is bad. In fact the organization is anything but bad.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Pacific Rim Trailer

Let me say BOTH Hellboy's were quite the disappointment even though the effects we're great.
This looks pretty damn cool though so here's hoping!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Darksiders 2 - Review 360

Let me start by saying a bit about Darksiders 1. It took me a year to finish. Not because it was bad but because it just wasn’t what I wanted at the moment. I played to about the second boss and then said “fuck it”. I don’t prefer fetching, and I can’t stand walking 3 feet and having invisible walls come up until I beat the next onslaught of enemies. I like the option to piss myself, bitch out and run.
Well after a year I had nothing to play and put it back in. I forced myself to push on and was so happy I did. After the second boss the story started to truly pick up and let me say the mythology this game built was quite good. War as a character who just started out as your revenge driven Kratos rip actually turned into being something Noble and powerful. Willing to wheel and deal to get what he needed and deep down you can see there is a spark for something great to be brought out. People may say he is just a hulking armored hack and slash mass but in reality there is a lot there to work with and personality to still be revealed.  
People compared the gameplay to a Zelda clone but honestly I just didn’t feel that way. Just because a game has a form of a hook shot and dungeons doesn’t mean it’s copying Zelda.
I was super excited at the end of Darksiders when they showed the other horsemen spiraling to earth to help their brother and drooled for a sequel.
Now for part 2.  (May contain spoilers but I’ll try)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012



Men don't have to worry about being caught': Sex mobs target Egypt's women

This Paragraph alone in this entire story shows inklings of real change and civilization in a very torn up area of the world.

"During a recent holiday, citizen vigilante groups patrolled Cairo during the recent  Id al-Adha holiday, The New York Times reported.
At a recent march, men wearing fluorescent vests stood on rickety wooden towers and used binoculars to scan the crowd for signs of sexual mobbing.  Local group Fouada Watch has set up a hotline for women, anti-harassment patrols seek to protect women in hot spots and bring alleged offenders to the police, and online services like Harassmap pinpoint dangerous sites. "
The problem with many areas of the world where chaos and lawlessness are rampart such as Africa and parts of the Middle East is decent citizens don't know how to rally together to help civilize themselves. These groups don't seem to be waiting on their government to help, they are helping themselves. Good for them.

K cup Hack

We have a K cup machine at work which for the longest time I hated. I hated the idea of buying these expensive little cups that made horribly weak coffee. Then I saw you could get a refillable my K-cup but they run anywhere from 15-20$.
Well recently I found one on amazon for 4$ and picked it up. Let me tell you I was super excited to be able to use my own coffee (Bustello) in the K cup machine for pennies compared to buying their one timer cups. My excitement bubble was burst though on first sip when I realized it was even weaker. I was drinking hot pee water. Well with a little web search I found this indestructible (I LOVE instructibles) and it works and works great!

Monday, December 3, 2012


Ah the miracle of life? How one tiny sperm finds its way up an endless path to create something so sentient… (in most cases) Are we alone in the universe, or is there something bigger? What came first…… the chicken or the egg? All grandiose questions that we may never have true answers for, puzzles that have confused and tantalized man since the dawn of his awakening.
Yet one stands above all.