Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Redistration Idea

So many people want to change the gun laws again after the Newtown Shooting. I see where people think this is a good idea and that it will solve violent gun related death but those people to me are forgetting one serious issue here. The last two shootings that happened were by seriously mentally ill people.
So instead of attacking gun owners and forcing them to change and go under new scrutiny why aren't we forcing people with mental disabilities to change?
Someone had a discussion with me and said all guns should have to be yearly registered and inspected like a car. To me that is stupid. There are way to many varibles and ways the states or country could turn that into a cash cow to financially rape you.
I have a better idea

We make mentally handicapped (crazy people not down syndrome) people have to be registered and inspected every year. If you are known to have some kind of mental disability which could "possibly" fall into the range of dangerous then you are monitored. Give them all ankle bracelets I don't care. To me if you're willing to start chastising gun owners and people who legally carry then go all the way and cover all dangers. Convicts and ex cons as well. I say we GPS chip them and keep them monitored.
Non American you say?
It's not the guns that are the issue it's the people and people need to be watched not the inanimate object that extends from them. Hell let's just ban all computers to stop child pornography then. K maybe that was a bad example but you get my point.
If you are a parent with a mentally disabled child. One with psychosis, schizophrenia, massive depression, violent tendencies, etc etc then you need to register that child and he needs to be monitored. If your an adult with the same issues then you need to register yourself and go in for regular checkups. Should you abandon those checks then you are put away. Time to go back to the 20's and 30's I guess.

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