Wednesday, December 5, 2012



Men don't have to worry about being caught': Sex mobs target Egypt's women

This Paragraph alone in this entire story shows inklings of real change and civilization in a very torn up area of the world.

"During a recent holiday, citizen vigilante groups patrolled Cairo during the recent  Id al-Adha holiday, The New York Times reported.
At a recent march, men wearing fluorescent vests stood on rickety wooden towers and used binoculars to scan the crowd for signs of sexual mobbing.  Local group Fouada Watch has set up a hotline for women, anti-harassment patrols seek to protect women in hot spots and bring alleged offenders to the police, and online services like Harassmap pinpoint dangerous sites. "
The problem with many areas of the world where chaos and lawlessness are rampart such as Africa and parts of the Middle East is decent citizens don't know how to rally together to help civilize themselves. These groups don't seem to be waiting on their government to help, they are helping themselves. Good for them.

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