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Dark Souls - PS3 (UPDATE - 10/7/11 NOT HAPPY!)

Well after beating through Demons Souls about 10 times and letting it collect dust the "spiritual successor", which I think is a fancy way of saying "all the stuff we wanted to do the first time" is out.

Let me tell you I loved Demons Souls and so far LOOOOOVE this one too. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is superb and the ultimate feeling of isolation the game presents is only parred by its predecessor. I have yet to play online but from reading am lead to believe it is very similar to the first game.

Story wise the game retains the simple partially narrated cinematic as the first one. Your character is a simple no body, no literally a no-body. Your called an Undead and in this world undeads are corralled and sent to a prison to finish rotting away until madness sets. For some reason "luck" chooses your character to receive a key and way out of the prison. Where the first game had it's "Nexus" This game supports players with bonfires. Coming across a bonfire allows the players to save and heal. The downside is after your heal every enemy on the board respawns. This sounds a lot harder than it is since most enemies will always die the same  they did before and it technically allows you to easily farm souls. Also let me give you a tip. Its worth saving and healing at every fire regardless of respawning enemies, cause losing collected souls SUCKS out loud. Yes if you die your souls then drop on the floor, then you have one chance to go recover them BUT if you die again they are gone for good off to "fuck you land". By staying at the bonfire you ensure a MUCH shorter trip to your lost souls.
All in all this game will have me hooked as much if not more than the first and I officially had my first hissy fit after loosing 2500 souls last night to my overtired ness letting me walk into a pit twice.

Update 10/7/11: I have now learned of the games completely BROKEN coop system. I will be putting more details about it soon but for now I am deciding on bringing the game back. If you are unhappy with the online system please leave your info here and consider this a petition to the devs and maybe even arrange some mass game returns all at once.

So gamestops policy is 30 days if the games defective. NO RETURNS if you dont like it. This goes perfectly with game companies whining about used game sales.
They offered me  25$ trade in for it and that is unacceptable since i trade infamous 2 for it. I would have kept my other game in this case!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live support on their site is still down ironically???

Emailed them asking if they would be able to personally take a return. What happened to a 7 day return policy? I will now NEVER pre order a game again, its used sales all teh way for me. I thought I was helping the devs by pre ordering new but it shows they dont care enough "to me". Honestly I see the P2P design as a cheaper way to host coop. The online is what everyone talked about in the first game and to nerf it SO MUCH in the second is a punch in the sack.

PSN ID: The_Tevil

This is Namco's Address.

Contact Us

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.
1740 Technology Drive
San Jose 95110
Email Address:

This is the Better Business Beureu in the area


Everyone start a complain that the product is incomplete and we demand a refund but neither party (game store or Namco) will issue one due to the horrible return policy on video games.

My Complaint: feel free to post your too

Thank you for filing your complaint. As you requested, below is a copy of your complaint.

Within the next business day, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the complaint.  That acknowledgment will also give you information on how you can track the status of your complaint through our website.

Complainant Information

Mr. Tyler *****

Company Information:

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.
4555 Great America Pkwy Ste 201
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Complaint Text

Upon my displeasure with the product purchased I attempted to return it to the store. I was told my the store manager they had no return policy on new games and I would have to contact the developer. With multiple attempts to contact I have received no response.

Resolution Sought: To have a refund of my full purchase in exchange for the product
Date Problem Started: 10/4/2011
Date of Transaction:
Amount in Dispute: $60.00
Invoice Number:
Complaint Type: Refund/Exchange Issues
Product or Service: software development.

If you have any questions regarding your complaint, please contact the Complaint Dept. at (408) 278-7400 or email

Complaint Department

BBB of Silicon Valley

Update 10/12/11 - Ask IGN to write an aritcle. If you have an IGN account (its free) post a comment on this guys wall;
He is top editor at IGN and hopefully a decent article will get our voices heard.


  1. Psn: Paralellium
    name: Lani O

    This needs to change my bf is buying a PS3 JUST so we can play this together, there is no point in him spending that much money, let alone 60 dollars just so we can't play together, PLEASE FIX THIS DARK SOULS THIS GAME IS ALMOST PERFECT

  2. There is no point to having co-op if its like thid. Its just like having an AI bot there instead, and the person your with does not even play cooperitivly either. I refuse to buy another namco game unless fixed.

  3. So frustrating, its dumb they would do anything like this when Demons Souls was perfect. such idoits!!!

  4. I told 2 friends not to buy it and i will let them take turns borrowing it since there is absolutley no replay value without co-op. They both agreed. I really hope this hurts namco for making such a dumb idea.

  5. Hope they fix this. It's a pretty awesome game besides this.

  6. Yeah, the co-op is terrible. They even disable party chat on the XBOX 360 so my friends and I can't talk to each other, much less find each other in the game.
    Want to know something ironic? When we played through all of Demon's Souls in co-op on the PS3, we used XBOX Live party chat to communicate!

  7. Fix the damn multiplayer and make it like it was in demons souls.

  8. Hell no, we won't go!

  9. This game has such great potential! Please don't squander it...

  10. I think they only done this so people would buy it before Skyrim comes out next month...either way all of us who gave 60 bones for this game got hosed.

  11. what could have been a perfect game to me has been ruined. I will move on to other games and will not return to this game unless they fix it..I put in so much time to demon souls that this is erth shattering. The Coop/pvp was what made demons souls so great, now you cant coop or challenge other than random people..which will not allow any emergence of pvp tourneys like the players set up on demon souls, without that the playable life of this game is drastically reduced...bad decision devs...this is no longer a single player gaming world,

  12. I have made a post in the namco board about this. As many other players are suggesting, the game's online component is broken. Due to these issues, the game is essentially a single-player experience.

    Know what you are getting before you buy. And if you preordered the game, and feel like Namco pulled a bait-and-switch, visit their forums at and let them know.

  13. 2 of my friends and I bought this game to hang out. They are both more than 200 miles away and I still can't hang out with them. I'm disappointed with this game.

  14. Im psyced to see so many other people sharing the frustration of being ripped off.

    Keep'em comin!

  15. I'm confused, why is everyone so upset? I bought this game the day it came out and I've been nothing but happy with it.

    The game is supposed to make you feel isolated, alone, frightened. It's just you against a world full of demons. When you see a guidance mark it's like a glimmer of hope in an overwhelming world.

    This is a game for people who like to play games, to be enveloped by the story, and to have a good challenging game that is an accomplishment to beat. If you just want to chat and mash buttons go play Gears or WoW.

  16. Signed. Online needs to be fixed. I'm also running a petition, you can visit it and sign here:

  17. I signed yours as well Crash. Hopefully these petitions can all be tallied and either get the game fixed or gets us some refunds.

  18. Signed. This needs to get fixed. I'm not going to let the best multiplayer experience I'm going to have all year be ruined this easily.

  19. Im in. The official response from Namco Bandai to the Multiplayer issue was a slap in the face to the community. All they did was explain the multiplayer system. We know how it works, the problem is it sucks.

  20. Signed. Never seen any summon signs nor got invaded...
    I'm a huge fan of Demon's souls, what a disappointment with Dark souls.
    Please do something. Maybe gather P2P people in zones ?

  21. Update 10/12/11 - Ask IGN to write an aritcle. If you have an IGN account (its free) post a comment on this guys wall;
    He is top editor at IGN and hopefully a decent article will get our voices heard.


  23. I'm confused what everyone is upset about. The online system works just like Demon's Souls for me. I've been invaded. I've summoned others to help. The only thing I've yet to try is invading someone else's worlds. All work fine for me.

  24. Yup, Demon's Souls has the superior multiplayer system. Quite sad really.

  25. Dont you wanna play DkS with your friends?
    Sign then please

  26. Truely unaccepatable. What are they thinking? Whay did they go with namco and not Atlus?

    petition for co-op. Almost 500 people have signed it already. Lets try to double or triple that number


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