Monday, December 30, 2013


Got two gifts for Xmas this year

My Nexus 5 which is still sitting at home safe until my case comes in...... ITS SOOOOOO NICE.

Ill do a little review of this soon.

And my OUYA

Many people bash this little box and with good reason but really for 99$ what the fuck do you want? This isn't 1983 anymore, 100$ is NOT a ton of cash.

Think this way

Nexus 7 is probably the most comparable tablet to the OUYA (which I also have and LOOOOOVE)

so 250$ for the N7 give or take

100$ for an OUYA BUT you are not paying for a screen since you use your TV and also are getting probably a 20$ controller in there as well. so really you are making out on the deal.


Here's a stupid run down. Non scripted and poorly recorded. Do not expect anything more than if I'm your drunk questionable cousin who just bought an Ouya and is trying to pawn it off for weed money.

I have been going on an issue with customer service on my controller and AWFUL lag which does seem to be a known problem. I may have ended up with a first gen firmware controller so if this is the case they'll just ship me another one. Otherwise this bitch goes back to target and I just get another one.

Update: 1/3/14

STILL waiting for an RMA # from OUYA about this controller issue. REALLY debating on just bringing it back to Target for an exchange in the hopes that I will get working one this time.

They state they don't have the inventory to send a new controller..... WHAT!? How do you not have INVENTORY! OF mYOUR PRODUCT?!

Went to the site to check up on their thread about controller lag and it looks as if they have removed it...... That's a bit odd. Almost as if their trying to hide the fact from possible customers.

My bad they moved the thread from the "console" section to "community help"

Hey HULU wha happund?!

Yes I LOVE me some HULU. Been a plus subscriber since like day one. In fact it was the main factor in cutting cablo off.
Yes NETFLIX is great to but honestly I like HULU. I like the ongoing programming changes, regular TV schedules and actually appreciate the commercials (Sorry but I do).

But the other day my HULU on the PS3 updated and removed one feature. You can no longer use your PS3 DVD remote to control HULU. NOW I don't even own the remote but this same change pretty much disqualified any secondary remote being used as a navigation device, AND mine of choice was my Move controller.

Friday, December 27, 2013

What a dumb bitch! update - 12/30/13


Well IGN posted this article

Which of course sent ME into this

which sprawled into another moral debate of EVERYTHING below it

Jennifer Lawrence: 'It should be illegal to call someone fat'

At least it will never be illegal to be vocal about what a dumb cunt someone can be with their pretentious opinions about obesity. Especially in America where its a huge health issue. And personally I don't give a "fat" fuck if you want to be a gross disgusting pig who is only mobile thanks to a rascal and breathes through tubes in their nose but when it starts making my premiums and our entire healthcare system pricey then you can go to hell in a hand basket full of moist flaky baked goods.

Being fat is a choice, just like being gay, and if you can't take the ridicule and negativity stigmatized by it then change your life style. There are litterally no positives from being fat and all you do is drain precious resources from the rest of the world, and STOP saying it's glandular! STOP EATING GLANDS! Those luscious juicy glands.....

by the way the gay remark was not true, I just like to set people off HA HA HA HA HA HA if you actually made it this far  after reading that I commend you!

Anyway while your shoving another meatball grinder down your gullet while you answer phones at work take a look at my lunch. Yes this is what I eat on the regular. 
At breakfast I have PLAIN oatmeal, then later I have a shake and an orange.
For lunch THIS is what I eat almost every day.

Dinner I have a reasonable dinner with a starch and vegetable

Also Im at the gym 3 days a week and work out in other ways the other days. 

Yes the cuddly fatties have won over Jennifer Lawerence for now but hey Hunger Games SUCKED!

Also will Barbara Walters just DIE already.

OMFG! A WHITE KID is the FIRST to be charged with hate crime status.....? well second

So if you are white and hit a black person its a hate crime?
A black person ONLY gets hate crime status when they are hitting a Jew?

YET a homeless Hispanic man died and an 80 year old white man by groups of black kids and NEITHER get hate crime status?

WTF is wrong with this country? Why are black people so regarded as sub human we cant charge them equally? Like they are immune to racism. I grew up in a majorily black area and went to MAJORILY black schools and trust me they are as bad if not WORSE than most white people at racial hate.

Some people.....

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fucking Animals!

"Evans believes it was natural human reaction that led people to fill up their carts during the glitch, but Walmart shoppers Stan and Judy Garcia feel very differently. "That's plain theft, that's stealing that's all I got to say about it," said Garcia."

Yes it's theft because that's tax payer money. You fucking people are thieving animals and I personally hope you either have to financially pay it back (no refunding food or perishables) or face JAIL TIME! Or even better have your food benefits cut off indefinitely.



Other articles state these pestulants on society actually started calling friends and family to buy stuff for them.


Derma Rolling - Update 12/20/13 Fourth Roll

So WTF is dermarolling "YOU" say?
Well here is a slight explanation.

So in my ventures for new hair I came across this option being used now and decided "hey what the hell is there to lose?"

I ordered this guy at 1.5mm

My buddy who recently lost a lot of weight jumped on board as well because I read it can be used for tightening up loose skin.

I did my first go last night after soaking it for about an hour in rubbing alcohol to disinfect it and I will say it didn't hurt as much as expected. Like a lite tattoo'ing.

So here are a couple of shots of my head with specs in it.

Notice the spots of blood. I take it from info in this forum thread which is loaded with info from others doing it that this is what you want. I will say I did not bleed as much as I think I should have and trust me when I say I basically STEAMROLLED my poor noggin.

click below for pics

Monday, December 16, 2013

"It pays to be pretty, starting in high school, research says"

Well fucking DER!

I have been hired in the past due to my looks (then) a couple times.
In fact the job I am at now I was told my boss (then) bumped me up because she thought "I was a cutie" and she's a lesbian.

My GF who works HR says openly if a good looking guy comes in for an interview he will get a bump in the resume pile because "well we can just train him", qualifications counting as well to a degree. IN FACT her first opportunity in her field was given to her because she was HOT! I met the man who set it up for her. His words to HER,
"I remember telling (some name) you have to hire this girl she is beautiful"
I told her this many times in our past discussions and until she heard it from his mouth openly she denied denied denied.

My brother is a good looking kid and I can tell you he wasn't getting his jobs on his brains.

Yes there are always the exceptions of ugly people just REALLY good at what they do or do it on their own but attractiveness is really a hiring factor.

We cant blame the media, pop culture, or reality TV it's US. We are humans and like looking at pretty things.

Looks gets you a LOT in this world.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ipod Touch First Gen - New Life

Fair Warning! This will cause the battery to DRAIN very fast on this device. But for me I ONLY use it at the gym so its no big deal.
You will also need an OLD version of Itunes - I used 9, you can download it anywhere online.

So my beloved Nexus S shit the bed. It went through a wild ride in the washing machine after my GF basically tore my working pants off me to throw them in the wash.
Was I mad? No it was pretty much my fault. She felt bad as she knows she was harassing me for them and she usually checks my pockets when she does that but hey who can you blame for ruining a pretty obsolete phone.
I did keep it up to date with rooting and flashing but really with chrome starting to take up over 30mb on the phone I was constantly failing app updates and having to move everything to SD.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fast Food Strike

So here is the question. Should you all get your 15$ an hour will you drop all the state benefits you are on? Will the states grow a backbone and disqualify these people?
You can't have your cake AND eat it they say so take a really good look internally and see if you really know what you are asking for, cause I HIGHLY doubt any of them actually realize this and when their bennies are forfeited they will be picketing for THAT to.

I can't see why if you are not making enough money you don't go get a skill. You are all apparently working part time so scheduling is not he issue. I went to school at night working TWO jobs, one of them FULL TIME!
I went to a trade high school and learned plumbing and heating. I then went to college for Information Systems. Am I good enough to call it a "skill", that's questionable but I tried to enforce another aspect of my life to make myself more enticing for better employment.
Also I own rental property because with my other skills I taught myself how to manage my own investment homes.

All in all I am able to use one of my skills to transfer around between white and blue collar employment should the need be.

You are doing something that illegal Mexicans do, WHEN they can't get better landscaping employment. What purposeful skill is frying and flipping. Then at what point do people with real skills get pissed and demand more money in conjunction to this?


Driver should have just pretended to have a mini stroke