Monday, December 16, 2013

"It pays to be pretty, starting in high school, research says"

Well fucking DER!

I have been hired in the past due to my looks (then) a couple times.
In fact the job I am at now I was told my boss (then) bumped me up because she thought "I was a cutie" and she's a lesbian.

My GF who works HR says openly if a good looking guy comes in for an interview he will get a bump in the resume pile because "well we can just train him", qualifications counting as well to a degree. IN FACT her first opportunity in her field was given to her because she was HOT! I met the man who set it up for her. His words to HER,
"I remember telling (some name) you have to hire this girl she is beautiful"
I told her this many times in our past discussions and until she heard it from his mouth openly she denied denied denied.

My brother is a good looking kid and I can tell you he wasn't getting his jobs on his brains.

Yes there are always the exceptions of ugly people just REALLY good at what they do or do it on their own but attractiveness is really a hiring factor.

We cant blame the media, pop culture, or reality TV it's US. We are humans and like looking at pretty things.

Looks gets you a LOT in this world.

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