Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fast Food Strike

So here is the question. Should you all get your 15$ an hour will you drop all the state benefits you are on? Will the states grow a backbone and disqualify these people?
You can't have your cake AND eat it they say so take a really good look internally and see if you really know what you are asking for, cause I HIGHLY doubt any of them actually realize this and when their bennies are forfeited they will be picketing for THAT to.

I can't see why if you are not making enough money you don't go get a skill. You are all apparently working part time so scheduling is not he issue. I went to school at night working TWO jobs, one of them FULL TIME!
I went to a trade high school and learned plumbing and heating. I then went to college for Information Systems. Am I good enough to call it a "skill", that's questionable but I tried to enforce another aspect of my life to make myself more enticing for better employment.
Also I own rental property because with my other skills I taught myself how to manage my own investment homes.

All in all I am able to use one of my skills to transfer around between white and blue collar employment should the need be.

You are doing something that illegal Mexicans do, WHEN they can't get better landscaping employment. What purposeful skill is frying and flipping. Then at what point do people with real skills get pissed and demand more money in conjunction to this?

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