Friday, December 27, 2013

OMFG! A WHITE KID is the FIRST to be charged with hate crime status.....? well second

So if you are white and hit a black person its a hate crime?
A black person ONLY gets hate crime status when they are hitting a Jew?

YET a homeless Hispanic man died and an 80 year old white man by groups of black kids and NEITHER get hate crime status?

WTF is wrong with this country? Why are black people so regarded as sub human we cant charge them equally? Like they are immune to racism. I grew up in a majorily black area and went to MAJORILY black schools and trust me they are as bad if not WORSE than most white people at racial hate.


  1. I am guessing you are white!!?!

    1. does that matter? Are you saying the double standard is okay because I am white?



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