Monday, December 30, 2013


Got two gifts for Xmas this year

My Nexus 5 which is still sitting at home safe until my case comes in...... ITS SOOOOOO NICE.

Ill do a little review of this soon.

And my OUYA

Many people bash this little box and with good reason but really for 99$ what the fuck do you want? This isn't 1983 anymore, 100$ is NOT a ton of cash.

Think this way

Nexus 7 is probably the most comparable tablet to the OUYA (which I also have and LOOOOOVE)

so 250$ for the N7 give or take

100$ for an OUYA BUT you are not paying for a screen since you use your TV and also are getting probably a 20$ controller in there as well. so really you are making out on the deal.


Here's a stupid run down. Non scripted and poorly recorded. Do not expect anything more than if I'm your drunk questionable cousin who just bought an Ouya and is trying to pawn it off for weed money.

I have been going on an issue with customer service on my controller and AWFUL lag which does seem to be a known problem. I may have ended up with a first gen firmware controller so if this is the case they'll just ship me another one. Otherwise this bitch goes back to target and I just get another one.

Update: 1/3/14

STILL waiting for an RMA # from OUYA about this controller issue. REALLY debating on just bringing it back to Target for an exchange in the hopes that I will get working one this time.

They state they don't have the inventory to send a new controller..... WHAT!? How do you not have INVENTORY! OF mYOUR PRODUCT?!

Went to the site to check up on their thread about controller lag and it looks as if they have removed it...... That's a bit odd. Almost as if their trying to hide the fact from possible customers.

My bad they moved the thread from the "console" section to "community help"

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