Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ipod Touch First Gen - New Life

Fair Warning! This will cause the battery to DRAIN very fast on this device. But for me I ONLY use it at the gym so its no big deal.
You will also need an OLD version of Itunes - I used 9, you can download it anywhere online.

So my beloved Nexus S shit the bed. It went through a wild ride in the washing machine after my GF basically tore my working pants off me to throw them in the wash.
Was I mad? No it was pretty much my fault. She felt bad as she knows she was harassing me for them and she usually checks my pockets when she does that but hey who can you blame for ruining a pretty obsolete phone.
I did keep it up to date with rooting and flashing but really with chrome starting to take up over 30mb on the phone I was constantly failing app updates and having to move everything to SD.

Anyway after its untimely death (it did work fro a MONTH after that too) I fell right into time to get the free Galaxy S4 on Black Friday with a 2 year renewal with ATT. The thought of renewing again did make me throw up in my mouth a bit but using my back up 3GS was awful. Not a bad phone but really I just hate apple/IOS for something like tablets and phone. I don't like IOS, and I DESPISE Itunes.

"You hate apple????? But your title is about the IPOD Touch!"

Yeah I know.
My Girl bought me the ipod touch when it was first released. I loved it. It was really a turning device in media. I still say using Itunes was the most abysmal process in for something as simple as putting music and video on it though.
It was constantly screwing up my media collection, and just SO SLOW. It was always trying to convert things and moving or copying my collection even when thinking I was disabling those settings.

The device, amazing.... the interface..... AWFUL.

Well as the device became more obsolete it was slowing pulled from every day gym use and made its way to a docked place in my work areas and used for listening to music through some cyber acoustic (YES JAMEL Cyber Acoustic) speakers.

Well with the purchase of my GS4 I realized lugging that phone in the gym was just NOT going to happen. Its way to big and feels way to fragile.
"It's fra-gil-lay, It must be Italian!"
So I once again pulled the Ipod out so I could have some way to have communication access with my music while at the gym

So I turned to jailbreaking. Where in the past jailbreaking was a bit buggy and limited your access to a good backup today its not so bad.
I decided with the options I wanted WhiteD00r was the way to go.
Whited00r allows your old 3.1.3 firmware device to have a few of the features of at least 4.0+.

By installing the firmware I am able to have access to

  • Push Notifications
  • Background/Multitasking
  • App installs past the 3.1.3 lockdown using time machine

 I was able to get google voice installed so I can receive important texts and voicemails. I got pandora installed for my radio and then I installed backgrounder to run it while checking my GV and emails.

Through this process I am able to once again use this device in the gym and not worry about destroying my new gigantic phone.

I still had to use Itunes to localy load some music and videos and as always it was a PITA but I LOADED it so hopefully I won't be doing that again for a long time.

I will post a short vid later of this post as well.

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