Friday, December 27, 2013

What a dumb bitch! update - 12/30/13


Well IGN posted this article

Which of course sent ME into this

which sprawled into another moral debate of EVERYTHING below it

Jennifer Lawrence: 'It should be illegal to call someone fat'

At least it will never be illegal to be vocal about what a dumb cunt someone can be with their pretentious opinions about obesity. Especially in America where its a huge health issue. And personally I don't give a "fat" fuck if you want to be a gross disgusting pig who is only mobile thanks to a rascal and breathes through tubes in their nose but when it starts making my premiums and our entire healthcare system pricey then you can go to hell in a hand basket full of moist flaky baked goods.

Being fat is a choice, just like being gay, and if you can't take the ridicule and negativity stigmatized by it then change your life style. There are litterally no positives from being fat and all you do is drain precious resources from the rest of the world, and STOP saying it's glandular! STOP EATING GLANDS! Those luscious juicy glands.....

by the way the gay remark was not true, I just like to set people off HA HA HA HA HA HA if you actually made it this far  after reading that I commend you!

Anyway while your shoving another meatball grinder down your gullet while you answer phones at work take a look at my lunch. Yes this is what I eat on the regular. 
At breakfast I have PLAIN oatmeal, then later I have a shake and an orange.
For lunch THIS is what I eat almost every day.

Dinner I have a reasonable dinner with a starch and vegetable

Also Im at the gym 3 days a week and work out in other ways the other days. 

Yes the cuddly fatties have won over Jennifer Lawerence for now but hey Hunger Games SUCKED!

Also will Barbara Walters just DIE already.

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