Thursday, December 22, 2011

New tatt

Everyone who says "your gonna regret it when you're older" needs a swift punch in the taint.
 What will someone regret? And how old will I be when it finally hits me?
"Oh when your 60 and that thing is saggin on your droopy skin you'll regret it"
HEY DUMBASS, when I'm 60 I'll probably be involuntarily (or voluntary depending my mood) shitting myself and wondering who I am never mind what this saggy thing on my arm is. Not to mention I can just do a skin comb over if its that saggy and cover the tatt with it. Honestly I'll have way more to concern myself over by that point. I can see if someone gets a tatt on their face and they work in the finance field, you "MAY" regret it later, but I have found the majority of people who say you'll regret are just to scared to get one themselves and don't want to admit it.
Honestly "you'll regret it later" really annoys the shit out of me. I'll post a pic of it later when i can get one.
I have a tribal and rams head on my back (shoulder to shoulder)
Roses and Ghost rider on my arms bicep area.
I now have the heartless and nobody emblems on my inner arm, soon to be filled in with fire.
Tell me some of yours and if you've ever heard you will regret it later.

Pic Up, click to read more

 I was thinking of doing a fire background behind the Kingdom Heart tatts but Now I'm not sure. Any other suggestions?


  1. Don't. Just jump off the nearest bridge. Please.

  2. Sir, your kingdom hearts tattoo's are awesome and I am highly envious. If the fire compliments them then go for it.
    I've always wanted to get a pokeball or the kingdom hearts logo heart personally but am yet to do it.

    1. thanks man, go for it. IF its something that makes you happy and looking at it brings you joy then do it to it.


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