Monday, November 28, 2011

Relax Chico, we just need to see some papers.......
Let alone the chick in the picture is BEYOND hot..... The T shirt is fucking dumb as hell. I know this shirt is probably supposed to be all "left leaning, liberal, young hip, free bird, pot smoking, doesn't really have a rats ass on whats going on in the real world, hey look how on top of politics, middle finger Uncle Sam"; but really it's pretty fucking stupid.

I'm taking its a pot shot on some of the new laws passed (and being attempted to passed) in the South West but really do half of you even know the literal hell most of those areas are going through via drugs and Latino gang activity. Did any of you ever read the stories about people being held captive for ransom in suburban drug houses no one even knew were there until it was too late by Mexican Cartels? Do half of you know the amount of jobs illegals do get their hands on down there, and NO not McDonald's tart burger, but real jobs like construction, masonry, carpentry, ETC. I used to work on job sites (in my Plumbing days) where you would have Illegals doing roofing or even ELECTRICAL work.... running wires in home with no licensees......?! And that's up here in CT.

Let me also say something here, even though you probably already stopped reading. Real "legal" Hispanic US residents.... DON'T like the idea of illegal ones coming into the country... SHOCKER! And here is another piece of information, how many oriental spas, and Chinese restaurants get raided and found with illegals? Quite a bit but you never hear about it (its not AS much of course). You never see the illegal Mexicans and Hispanics touting the atrocity of  the poor Asians being harassed do you? Listen I will ALWAYS say, I have been to some dingy ass parts of Mexico. If I lived there I would crawl, climb and bite my way through that fence to get here, and some REALLY good people do, but unfortunately at the same time there are A LOT of bad ones that have made their way and its getting to hard to sort them out. It's really time that some of the Hispanic nations like Mexico, DR, South America start to get their shit together and clean up their own homes before running here. Maybe the Mexican people (for example) need to start organizing better with their corrupt ass government to start REALLY getting the drug lords out of power. The middle east booted their shit leaders and are still protesting so why can't the Hispanic population? Get off your duffs, get out in the streets and start protesting against the drug lords half of you are actually protecting. Maybe then our own government here will get involved more directly with the military and get our troops out of half way across the globe where we don't belong. I mean really I am sure there is some sweet sweet crude under Mexico we can get our hands on by cleaning up that nation so I guess it wouldn't be a total waste.

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