Monday, November 21, 2011

Yay we're officially becoming China! Without the booming economy.

Well the online censorship bill is in congress and being voted on. I think they have tried this before in the past for the most part and it's failed but here it goes again.
Be SURE to take 5 minutes out of your day and votes against this thing, lest you become unable to go to your favorite file sharing site anymore.

Maybe we can get the Occupy folks to picket this one too, they'll pretty much do anything for some grub at this point. Seriously though take the time to read this and send the email in this form.

Some of this shit trying to get passed through our government wreaks of corporate backhanding and official bribes. These are the people who are supposed to represent the population majority NOT those with the most green.
We need some good ol fashion assassinations!
We need to stop voting in the wealthy shiny people we see on the boob tube and and start looking into some of the shmoes like you and I do fight on our behalf. You can more easily watch the on goings, honesty and trustfulness of your neighbor than trying to peer up on a hill.

Here's another good article

Post any you find and get anyone you can to vote no.

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