Thursday, November 10, 2011

American Horror Story - FX

So one of the new shows I have been hooked on is FX's new American Horror story.
By the same creators of Nip Tuck it shares some of the same style without the over stretching the end of Nip Tuck started to see. I mean that last season not only jump a shark, it jumped a shark's bones and dry humped it to death.
Anyway. This show has a really good mix of both horror, mystery and suspense wrapped into a nice hour and unfolded at a pretty decent rate. Not to fast that you dont care and not to long that you lose interest. Five epps in and we already know a butt load about the house, it's ex inhabitants and some of the supernatural phenomenon that it contains. Perhaps the only mystery still not yet wrapped up is Rubber Man and who he is but I have a theory I will state at the end.

Read the Wiki for a plot outline.

The two part Halloween Episode was really good and introduced "Heroes" Zachery Quinto as Uber Queen ex owner Chad. Let me tell you I HATED Syler on Heroes and thought he ruined the show but think he has found his part here. Didn't he just come out as really gay anyway????

Anyway the show is on Wednesdays at 10PM EST and definitely worth a look see if the horror genre interests you at all.

As for Rubber Man, I used to think it was Tate. Now I have pretty much decided its the ex Doctor Frankenstein who owned the house. I think he kills people to take their parts and sew them to himself and wears the rubber suit to hold himself together and hide his appearance.
Theory only, not a spoiler.
P.S. I LOVE the young maid!

Tell me what you think. Theories?


  1. I either think it's tate or constance's husband that she shot! I can't wait!

  2. I thought it was Tate at first as well but then started thinking otherwise. Since they showed the Doctor get shot last night I guess my newest theory is out the window. Maybe it's The Carver from Nip Tuck.


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