Friday, November 18, 2011

Money well spent?,0,4302690.story

Now if "I" was a troop, would I give a flying rats ASS some newly elected PEON Governor is out there trying to shake my hand?
Does this guys REALLY think that highly of himself that half these guys know who he is or even give a shit? Did he REALLY waste our "in the red" tax money on this worthless trip?!
Honestly I'm in CT and really don't care for this guy. He's raised taxes, added new taxes, bought himself a "gold lined chair" in his first week, and (I have a bit of an inside source) hired people to go through and clean the brass in the state buildings for ungodly sums of money because he wanted it to look "shiny". On top of our extra expenses he decides he also wants to make it easier for immigrants to get a free education, let alone I pushed MYSELF through community college and then to a bachelors in Albertus all on my own dime.... FUCK TARD!

This guy is still a fuck tard, and I can't WAIT for the next election to write myself in.
We have a little "Occupy Movement" going on here in CT. I had the liberty last Saturday of speaking to some people in New Haven occupying the "Green's Park", which is usually just occupied by crazy homeless people. Honestly I couldn't tell half of them apart. Well upon talking to them no one could give me any answer to what they were really doing aside taking up space. There was a 54 year old man named "Irv" who said he was a lawyer (I'm sure I can believe him) who could not even give me a straight answer on what they were trying to achieve. It was slightly funny because as I debated their actual intents one by one they sulked away until it was only me and Irv and he tried to leave too. Honestly "Occupy" why are you trying to occupy "wall street"?  Why aren't you occupying the shitty, corrupt politicians letting them get away with murder, grab free money, and run tax free upon us?
It seems the Occupy movement is full of fuck tards to. You guys should be occupying Malloys building and demanding a reduction in taxes and worthless state programs we pay for, well me anyway since it looked like half the occupiers were homeless hippies who dont even pay taxes. Demand more taxes be paid my corps then they do. AND MOST OF ALL!!!!! DEMAND reductions of pay on all these officials. You guys are worried what CEO's make well look at a governors salary some day, I mean c'mon fuck tards, the mayor of Stamford just gave himself like a 20K raise last week.....
We are doomed.

Really should we be occupying Wall Street or the government that continuously lets them get off scott free?

Wall Street or Government?

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