Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Pie!

Well after only 2 week of waiting I got my Raspberry Pi and let me tell you it's pretty fucking cool!
I followed this guide and easily loaded it with RaspBMC ( a low profileXBMC for the Pi ) and created myself a pretty sweet micro set top box.

This is really only my second attempt with XBMC in my life, my first being on my old Ubuntu server of which I ended up swapping for TVersity with windows for different reasons. Been using PLEX as of late and think I will stick with it since there is a plugin for Plex with XBMC so I won't have to redo my library.... which honestly is made up of about 10 videos right now lol.

My tip is when you choose a power adapter make sure it is at least 1 full amp (1000mA) to get a real good power source capable of running a USB power keyboard and possibly thumb drive. I tried with a 700mA adapter first and it would lock up on me when trying anything. They say you can run it with just a 500mA plug but I cant see that being right at least during set up. After setup you can just remote into the thing or use a wireless network mouse app possibly and cut down the mA usage but go for the full Amp you'll thank yourself later for it.

Now I just have to make my case, I could have bought one but I'm a total DIY guy so lets see what I can do.

This will take the place of my Roku which even though is a great little device JUST DOESN'T have a few capabilities I want.

Let me know what you've done with your Pi or any questions I might be able to answer, if I can that is.


  1. Is it warm like apple pie? Does it run windows? Did Steve Jobs approve it? Can i run OS X on it? Does it have a i3, i5 or i7 in it? How big is the hard drive?

    1. Use the links in the article and you can find all the info you desire. Why re-write when I can link on and let those with the info I got retain their deserved credit.


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