Friday, August 3, 2012

New Releases at home?

I propose a question:

The movie industry says it’s plagued with piracy. 

I came up with a plan. People no longer want to go to the movies and would much rather stay home with the introduction of cheaper big screen televisions and projectors.

To leave the house has become a chore, you trek to the theater using your time and gas. You then have to deal with everyone else in the cinema and pay out the ass for snacks.
People have asked and even proposed to put movies directly on demand and DVD and bypass the theater company altogether. There are reasons why this wouldn’t work and piracy still seems to be the biggest problem they fear.
Here’s my suggestion.

Release the movies on demand or download via a website for streaming.
On top of that allow companies to bid for advertising space in the movie somehow, via previews, mid-way commercials (IE: HULU or Crackle), ETC. You can transmit in ways that can be encrypted so they can not be directly recorded.
This way the movie company gets it money two ways and you get to stay home and watch that new movie you’ve been waiting for.
Think of how much a movie like “The Dark Knight Rises” could make in advert fees alone!\

Tell me if you agree or not.
Would you be willing to watch a new release movie in your home if it had a few commercials plopped in there?


  1. I think you are full of shit and are fucking dumb. They will never do that because the HT technology evolves over time. In the movies they can deploy the new "experience" and justify the cost of a movie ticket costing 6 bucks more.

  2. i think i would pay 30 :)


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